Bringing Joy

It is pleasurable to bring joy to others.  What springs to mind, is the old adage, ‘it is better to give than receive’.  Nothing could be more true.  When one makes the effort to spread happiness for the sheer enjoyment of those involved, there is no limit on the delight that fills one’s heart.  Seemingly without effort, excellence will be returned to those whose sole aim it is to please another.

Call it karma, call it the law of reciprocity or call it whatever you like.  The giving and receiving of goodness lets loose the vibes we can all benefit from.  Releasing such generosity into the atmosphere allows those good intentions to permeate throughout the ether and the world is a better place.

Not everyone experiences such a giving nature.  We can get caught up in the ‘what have you done for me lately’ mentality that many people gravitate towards these days.  This is self-serving hogwash.  Yes, we all want what is best but to bestow cheerfulness unto others will automatically bring with it such happiness that this is the reward in itself.  It is tantamount to sharing love.  Joy and love being two sides of the same coin.

It takes little effort to please another.  Whatever one has to do to accomplish such a feat is well worth it.  Mostly because we can all use a smile on a daily basis.  If someone goes the extra mile to make you laugh outright, it will not be forgotten easily.

The mere fact that one has brought joy to someone else may begin a whole chain of events where people begin to outdo each other in their willingness to produce fun.

The most important fact is, no one can out-give the universe.  When the focus becomes to add value to the lives of as many people as possible, abundance is never far behind.  It is by far what we should be taught in school from an early age.  Alas, it rarely happens.  The people who are exposed to such rich thinking are always better off.

Be one of the thoughtful few who bring jubilation to others.  Do not do it for what you may get.  Do it for the sheer joy it will convey to others.


Happy Without Limits

A life without limits can be scary.  Most of us will hold ourselves back in self-preservation or to be more precise, to keep us from the fear of success.  Yes, this seems an almost unfathomable occurrence as who does not want to succeed?  The fear of fulfillment is not really about the individual dreading the best or to win.  It has to do with being comfortable with the changes happy outcomes bring.

We all know that when good things happen, our old comfortable way of life will change.  This does not mean the alteration will bring about bad experiences.  It simply means it will be different.  That can send chills down the spine if those who prefer the known and familiar.

Change can be discombobulating at the best of times.  As creatures of habit any adjustments will throw off the normal behaviours.  Despite the fact, that the new routines can be adapted to with relative ease, the very thoughts of having these disruptions occur may stop one from pursuing the very future they desire.

It is a strange thing that humans would rather ‘the devil they know’ than to escape situations and make a more full and rich future.  Yet, it happens all the time.  Sometimes, without being aware that this is what is blocking them.  They muddle through, struggling for a happier existence, pursuing dreams only to be stopped before the end result can manifest.  They will alter course mid-stream or give up altogether.

To limit oneself to the old, comfortable way is to stifle progress.  This is never ideal.  In order to move ahead with anything we must be open to possibilities.  Otherwise, we would all, still be living in caves.  Regardless of how uncomfortable change is, we as humans, have always managed to adjust.  This must be embraced.

Learn to enjoy these times of upheaval as it always ends up for the good.  Part of truly living is the ability to transform and make our lives better.  There is no limit on happiness.


Dreams; we all have them and we have all given up on them at one time or another.  Often, the ideas we have are merely put on hold for a later date.  Then life gets in the way and the saddest outcome is the things, with which we have a fondness for, are never pursued.  Yes, paying bills and creating a family may take priority, as they should, but that does not mean one cannot find the time to do the things they most desire.

Because of such actions, life will be more fulfilling for everyone involved.  Happy people pursue the things that make them content.  It boils down to creating a circle of enjoyment.  Doing what one loves, makes them joyous which in turn, allows for the spreading of good cheer to all.

Society, at large, wants people to feel guilty about taking part in the things that appear frivolous on the outside.  But these things fuel the soul and formulate an inner peacefulness that cannot be beat.  Everyone has their avenue of happiness and no one is right or wrong about the course they wish to follow.

Partners should always encourage each other to find interests and make them part of their daily lives.  Even if the other does not understand it.  The important thing is for the individual to find fulfillment via pleasant activities.  Too many have taken that away with an off-the-cuff remark which has denigrated those interests.  It may not create a permanent resentment but there will be something in the back of one’s mind that is pained by the negativity.  No one should deny another the freedom to follow their bliss.

Dreams are what make one’s life rich.  Maybe not monetarily but inner abundance is as crucial as any other aspect of a satisfying path.  Follow your dreams, pursue your goals and a sense of well-being will permeate your very existence.  Everyone wins!

The Law Of Nature

Just when one thinks they cannot possibly go on, they find they can.  This is the case whether dealing with an incredibly arduous situation or a delightful result.  Life has a tendency to stretch us to the very limits.  This can be manifested by illness in the family or the good fortune of a lottery win.  As opposite as these circumstances are, on the scale of life’s incidents, there are both good and bad aspects to them.

Now, most would not see the winning of a huge amount of money, as a life lesson.  Yet, experience this and suddenly one acquires friends and family who they have never met before.  Hangers-on!  People who are more than willing to help rid you of the new-found cash.  And these same people will desert you once that resource dries up.

This might well be the lesson that must be learned.  It may take its toll on the emotions but can be a valuable piece of knowledge that will boost one’s power of discernment.

As I say, an illness in the family can be just as priceless a lesson.  No one wants to see a loved one suffer or become incapacitated in any way. Nor, to be honest, does any one of us want to have to be a care-giver to such a family member.  Yet, facing such hardship will bring about an inner strength that not many are given the luxury of discovering.  And while giving selflessly may not be one’s station in life, having the opportunity to grow exponentially may be the greatest gift of all.

There will be struggles along the way.  Problems that will seem impossible to solve.  They may lead to a point of giving up.  Yet, to see these through to an uncertain end nearly always results in the perfect scenario presenting itself.  It seems the universe will benefit those who stand and face whatever dilemma life throws at them.  The conclusion will always propel the individual forward to a better future.  It is the Law of Nature.

TheMind Of An Artist

Artists can be unique thinkers.  How anyone’s mind works is endlessly interesting.  We all have a distinctive way to navigate through life.  What we have been exposed to from an early age influences our thought patterns that can stay with us for an entire lifespan.  This, in turn, can be the catalyst for whether or not we obtain the successes we desire.

It, also, effects the way truth is seen and the world in general.  Experts say artists think of filling space differently, from the rest of us mere mortals.  It makes sense as filling up a canvas or any work area must be contemplated and carried out with the utmost precision.

As with most successes in life, the finished product, whether painting, sculpture or a song, the artist must first envision the end result before taking on the task of producing the work of art.  This is the part that is fascinating.

Creating anything out of thin air takes talent.  Having the wherewithal to carry out the visions must include the confidence in one’s abilities to see the project through to the end.  I dare say, artists are impelled to complete their works (for the most part) which means they possess a reliance on their natural gifts (or learned abilities) to perform up to the standards they have set for themselves.

The blank canvas, like an empty page for a writer, can be daunting.  ‘Who, what, where, when, why and how’ all run through the mind of the creator.  With the infinite possibilities, the fact that any work gets done is amazing.  Filling space with whatever the imagination conceives is the greatest gift an inventive person can bestow.

Figuring out how the mind of an artist works is like wading through treacle.  The important thing is to allow their craft to bring joy and entertainment to others.  No artist could ask for more of their work.  To analyze their inner functions may ruin a good thing.  Best to allow their creations to speak for themselves and flow outwards to all the world.

The Benefits Of Keeping Busy

There are many benefits of keeping busy.  Not least is which is that much gets done.  Participating in activities that one enjoys, is the best way to spend time.  The greatest benefit of all, is it will render quiet to the endless, negative self-talk that inundates throughout the day.

No one is immune to the incessant barrage of chatter we can undermine ourselves with.  The best way to silence the saboteur is to keep one’s mind focused on other things.  That is why creating projects for yourself can do wonders.  Nothing beats negativity like an infusion of fun.  One cannot remain in opposing mind frames, at the same time.  Therefore, concentrating on any enjoyable task at hand will, by its very nature, eliminate most, if not all, of the less than productive mental activity.

Everyone can use this idea to their advantage.  Staying positive takes effort.  If it were easy to only retain good thoughts, we would all do it.  After all, who in their right mind would want to be stuck in the destructive aspects of our lives?

Fortunately, we have a choice, as to what thoughts we think.  Being aware is the first step, then picking the best beliefs for ourselves will be next.  This can, of course, be extremely arduous.  And reverting back to old habits might be the quickest line of defence.  Despite the fact, it may be harmful.  Too much time on our hands can be very dangerous to counterproductive thinking.  It is at these times that one is apt to fill their heads full of nonsense.  It happens to the best people on the planet.

To keep busy, both mind and body, solves a multitude of challenges.  The way one thinks and the actions taken will lead, directly to being saved from the trap of dissension

The value in keeping engaged in pleasant endeavours will only compel optimum satisfaction.  The mind can use the rest.  No more beating ourselves up.  Participating in fun, will create the right mindset and that will benefit all.

A Great Gift

Some would say the greatest gift to give another is their freedom.  But what happens when the one being set at liberty does not want to be set adrift?  It is possible to prefer to remain chained to an old and familiar way of life.  To willingly forego the possibilities out of fear of the unknown is how many live their dull existences.  And maybe this is the correct choice for them?  Who is to say that someone else must opt for the road if unrestricted frontiers?  Sometimes having boundaries and limits helps to regulate one’s comfort level.

It may even be our own choice to confine ourselves by not moving towards scary situations.  Some people may view this as being held back (even by ourselves) or it can be misconstrued as fear running amok.  It matters only that each individual has the right to choose for themselves which road to take.

Being part of a couple adds an interesting dimension to this scenario.  As now there are two persons whose thoughts and feelings must be considered.  No one’s opinion is more important than the other.  If there are two opposing positions there has to be a compromise.  Herein, lies the cruellest choice if all.  How can one possibly force their choice on the other?  Yet, couples do this all the time.  It works with business partners or any two people.  The optimum is to find a win-win solution.  Giving is the key to a peaceful co-existence.  To choose selfishly will not win you any friends.  Nor with the merits of Karma will this be the way to the top.

Helping others achieve the things they want is the most unselfish gift to give your partner.  The favour of their choice, despite the fact it may put your demands on hold, if done with love, can bring about great success.  The good vibes will come back to you, in spades.  Even though this is not the ultimate goal, nor should the expectation force one to give up their own desires.  Giving to others unconditionally, for the love of watching them succeed, is the greatest gift to bestow upon someone you love.