A Great Gift

Some would say the greatest gift to give another is their freedom.  But what happens when the one being set at liberty does not want to be set adrift?  It is possible to prefer to remain chained to an old and familiar way of life.  To willingly forego the possibilities out of fear of the unknown is how many live their dull existences.  And maybe this is the correct choice for them?  Who is to say that someone else must opt for the road if unrestricted frontiers?  Sometimes having boundaries and limits helps to regulate one’s comfort level.

It may even be our own choice to confine ourselves by not moving towards scary situations.  Some people may view this as being held back (even by ourselves) or it can be misconstrued as fear running amok.  It matters only that each individual has the right to choose for themselves which road to take.

Being part of a couple adds an interesting dimension to this scenario.  As now there are two persons whose thoughts and feelings must be considered.  No one’s opinion is more important than the other.  If there are two opposing positions there has to be a compromise.  Herein, lies the cruellest choice if all.  How can one possibly force their choice on the other?  Yet, couples do this all the time.  It works with business partners or any two people.  The optimum is to find a win-win solution.  Giving is the key to a peaceful co-existence.  To choose selfishly will not win you any friends.  Nor with the merits of Karma will this be the way to the top.

Helping others achieve the things they want is the most unselfish gift to give your partner.  The favour of their choice, despite the fact it may put your demands on hold, if done with love, can bring about great success.  The good vibes will come back to you, in spades.  Even though this is not the ultimate goal, nor should the expectation force one to give up their own desires.  Giving to others unconditionally, for the love of watching them succeed, is the greatest gift to bestow upon someone you love.


Share The Talent

Life happens to those who participate.  It can be so easy to hide oneself away from friends and family.  Citing a lack of funds or being too busy with work or family commitments so that deep-rooted joys get ignored.  Or worse; pushed to the background.  Leaving an empty vessel that could have been an exciting full life.

It is a sort of self flagellation, to deny yourself the things that give you pleasure.  And for a multitude of reasons we do this at some point over the decades.

When young, such attitudes are never even considered an option.  So, what is it about age that withers a person’s courage to pursue that which is a pure and simple form of  merriment?  Priorities will, of course, come into it.  Everyone has them and they do change over the course of a life.

Escaping from the joy one seeks can be a most debilitating disease.  Especially, when it is disguised as reasonable excuses for not taking life by the horns and enjoying the ride to its utmost.  I would venture to say, most find their way and are happy with their lot.  But for the ones who want more and better, to stifle themselves can be devastating.

It will hurt even more once the realization that an entire lifetime has been wasted, waiting for some miracle to take place and health, wealth and romance have suddenly fallen by the wayside.

These things never occur without putting in effort.  Being receptive to all that is abundant while in scarcity mode will never transpire.  We vibrate on a number of levels whether conscious of that fact or not.  And we all, indeed, reap what we sow.  No one is immune.

If you are not living the life you truly want, something has got to change.  It takes a certain type of fortitude to try different avenues in order to reach desired goals.  It must be done though.  Living less than one’s potential is the saddest story one can visit on themselves. 

Never waste what talent or skills you have.  The world is richer when we all share our best.

Push Through

No one is immune to tough times.  The sort of thing where no matter what one does, it feels like the weight of the world is on one’s shoulders.  The heavy burdens can feel like there will never be any relief.  The longer it goes on, the less likely one is to see a solution.  And if it continues, it may become a serious matter that may require professional help for peace of mind.

For the most part, people have learned to cope with life’s little curve balls.  They can sort themselves out.  And yet, it can get on top of one.  Often it is best to simply ‘keep calm and carry on’.  That is not to say, one should shrink from the reality of the situation by denying anything is wrong.  To not face the truth will only bring about a whole myriad of problems that get added on to the original trouble.

There is no right or wrong way to find one’s way out of strife.  Each case will command a different set of skills.  All of which the individual possesses.  Whether they know it or not.  Having the confidence to access them is a learned behaviour.

The weaker of the species may decide to run away instead of face the inevitable.  It is not a satisfactory solution.  It will begin a downward spiral that few can recover from.

The undaunted will see the situation for what it is and fight for a better future.  These are the kind of people who may fail in their endeavours but because of the effort will make strides with their coping mechanisms.

When looking for a way out of any dilemma, fortune favours the brave.  Striving forward with a fearless heart will only bring about the sort of courage that we all need.  The future will be as bright as we want it to be.  When negativity closes in on you, push through it.  Positivity is always on the other side.


The thing about problems is there is always a solution.  No matter what the conundrum or how complex the intricacies.  The answer generally will be found within the very heart of the conflict.

Helping to find an response can be the greatest gift to bestow on another.  Especially, when there is an inner struggle for the truth.  This will result in warm feelings towards those giving the helping hand.

Everyone can use the experiences of others to bolster confidence when facing certain dilemmas.  It can be a saving grace for the person that is going through various predicaments.

The act of searching for solutions can be a relief in itself.  Sometimes, simply making the effort will cause the brain to shift into gear and like any miracle, thoughts begin to flow and all manner of answers come flooding in.

Stress can play a factor and be an inhibitor of these very brainwaves that are needed to come up with the ideas that will lead to some unique responses.  Meditation is always helpful when attempting to free up thought-provoking insights.  The stilling if the mind can promote a deluge if concepts.

It is not easy to switch the brain off or to tone down the ever present chatter.  Sometimes a break from the constant bombardment is all that is needed to rejuvenate the soul.  Resolving issues may be uppermost in a person’s make-up.  Yet, when there are no adequate come-backs, frustration can push to the foreground and manifest in numerous ways.  Anger, hurt feelings and utter despair an be enacted by the lashing out towards those closest.  As this is a fair response, it can lead to a downward spiral.

The fact is, there are always answers and to choose not to seek them or to relinquish finding a solution is, in fact, a defeatist attitude.  Never give up, all the answers of the Universe, are out there.  With effort they will be found.

Emotional Rollercoaster

We have all been through times when one minute we experience utter despair and the next; total elation.  Only to be shunted from pillar to post again and again.  It is bad enough when the situation is not life threatening but throw that element into the mix and emotions run extremely high.  This can cause stress like nobody’s business.

Other people throwing in their two cents worth will merely add to the ups and downs of any harrowing time.  Unless they are helpful.  It does happen.  Those people are a lifeline.  Often the abscence of strong opinions will alleviate some of the stressful undulations.  Just being around calm and peaceful people will aid with the uncertainty which the highs and lows of weighty situations bring.

Going through such twists and turns will effect different people in a number of ways.  Some will be postiive and enjoy the ride while others may want to run and hide.  Pushing through will result in a stronger you.  And despite the difficulty, that very struggle is what will strengthen one’s resolve to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

It may be that the highs bring one to pinnacles heretofore not known.  Only to be dashed with an all-time low.  Being the person on this ride can be horrendous.  One never knows if they’re coming or going.  It is not an ideal situation for anyone. The best one can do is to hold on tight.  Even this may end up in the opposite result.

No one wants to see another suffer and most will do what they can to give solace.  Although, the trials and tribulations of a temperamental journey can involve the influences of others.  And the only good thing about enduring such times is that reaching the other side is such a relief that the bad stuff just falls away.

Taking the smooth with the rough is part of life.  No one is guaranteed an easy existence, as much as we all would love the peace.  Getting through tough times is always a lesson; sometimes in patience, sometimes in control.  In the end, we are better people for weathering the storms and navigating our emotional ups and downs.


When times are tough and one is struggling, the greatest gift can be the support received from family, friends and strangers, alike.  Sometimes, the least we can do is to listen.  Maybe all that is required is to be there to hold a hand.  A different perspective is always helpful.

Non-emotional comfort can be a great asset to a person in the midst of some trial or tribulation.  Having another who sees things clearly when your own eyes are clouded by strong feelings is like a lifeline to a drowning man.  The solace it provides can be the difference between a breath of fresh air and going under for the third time.

Looking in, from the outside, it may seem like the comfort given is so sparse that no one will notice.  This is a fallacy.  Often, being a tower of strength itself, can by osmosis bolster an inner power to the one suffering.  This is invaluable.  We all require a helping hand at some point.  That is why, most people are only too glad to offer reassurances and relief when they are able.

To lessen the loneliness we all feel in times of trouble, we can give aid by sharing those experiences.  This can be a tremendous bit of help to someone who is going through strife for the first time.  Sometimes, just to know that others have gone through similar circumstances can be inspirational for solutions to be found.

We are all here to help each other.  It is what caring human beings do for one another.  Giving succour to the ones who need it most will be the greatest thing you ever do.  Being supportive is what we should all strive for.  Help a friend.

Control The Chatter

We all have that tiny voice in our heads that either helps or hinders us throughout our lives.  It is so much a part of everyone’s daily existence that most people are not even aware of its ever-presence.  Yet, the chatter that is constantly flowing can be the catalyst for moving forward.  Conversely, it may be the very reason we are held back from reaching our potential.

All, have the resources to fulfill every desire.  Not living the life you deserve?  Have not met the love of your life?  Struggling to make ends meet, financially?   All of these aspects of one person’s life can be the byproduct of faulty thinking.  That, in turn, may have everything to do with the self-talk that continues to permeate one’s daily rituals.

Breaking the habits of a lifetime can be done.  Step #1 will be to recognize that the source of the negative behaviour is perpetuated by your mindset.  Yes, that is right.  You are directly responsible for the thoughts you think.  I do not write this to blame anyone.  Placing blame is not the goal.  Allowing one to see that the responsibility is their own means change can be made.  We create the dissatisfaction and with some positive alterations, a new response can be generated.

Although, like any any habit, it takes time and a concentrated effort to alter the language and attitude, in order to serve instead of sabotage.  Slipping back to the old ways is always a possibility and one must be on their guard.  It happens more often than one would think.  Coasting and reverting to an effortless existence might take over.

Insidious negative chatter can sneak up on anyone.  Particularly, those who have trained themselves to think in such a way.  One must take charge of the self-talk by being ever vigilant.

It is best to immerse yourself in positive reinforcement, affirmations and creative visualization.  Stick to how you want things to be.  The rest can be dropped.  Tell yourself, ‘it is possible’.  You control the chatter.