Most know the acronym ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.  This is the best choice on how to live the bulk of a life.  Complications can be carefully avoided and the easiest route to any destination will always be taken.  Despite the fact that problems usually result in growth, it does not mean an uncomplicated existence cannot be endured.  Any problems can have simple solutions.

The degree to which difficulties arise may well be attributed to how much one can handle said thorny situations.  Some people can withstand traumatic experiences and come through them relatively unscathed.  While others fall apart at the simplest of glitches.

Everyone has their own comfort zone and the wherewithal to handle the troubling circumstances which may crop up.  It takes a certianty amount of flexibility to deliberately remain calm in order to find elemental resolutions.  This comes with practise. Like everything else, keeping things simple is learned behaviour.  So, while panic may make the majority of people act in highly unfavourable ways, a gentle reminder about rudimentary ideas and how one can cope, will go a long way.

There are people in this world who thrive on blowing relatively simple problems into all-out traumas.  I believe they are called, ‘Drama Queens’.  Despite the feminine connotations, it is not always the female of the species who has a hard time remaining calm.  Complicating the ordinary can be enacted by anyone.  These people must be avoided if possible.  No one needs things to be harder than they already are in life.

If you find someone who can make any situation a breeze, hang on to them.  It is a rare breed.  Anyone who makes the lives of those around them less complicated must be praised to the hilt.

Keeping things simple will bring forth peace of mind.  Offering that to others will rebound like a Karmic catapult.  Spread ease, comfort and tranquility throughout the day so all can benefit.

A Fresh Start

Henri Matisse said, ‘Creativty takes courage’ and how right he was.  An artist, of any kind, will toil and construct a piece of work from the visions in their minds.  As if that prospect were not daunting enough, it can be a perilous journey from idea to finished project.  Once the piece is complete, it must now be shared with the rest of the world.  This is where the bravery comes in.

Putting one’s heart and soul into something and then placing it out there for judgements and criticisms can be a recipe for disaster.  Artists, like everyone else, want to be admired and by its very nature, art is subjective.  There is no possible way to please everyone.  Knowing this, the creative types continue to slog away at their craft and set it in plain sight for all to form opinions.

Sometimes, the work itself, is a struggle.  A piece is worked on for days, weeks, even months and through no fault of their own an accident renders it ruined.  This can frustrate even the most patient of saints.  There are two choices when the unexpected occurs, one can either throw the whole piece out and start over again or salvage what they can and attempt to make something out of what is left.  

The harder of the choices is the latter.  Simply because the original vision must be put aside in order to allow this new creation the flourish.

Not everyone has the fortitude it takes for such an endeavour.  The initial idea cannot always be discarded so easily.  In which case, a fresh start may be the only option.  Although, beginning again brings with it a whole new set of hazards.

Opening up to that fearless part of us allows for a ‘original venture’ mentality that might, otherwise, be stifled and buried under the strain of unforeseen circumstances.

Take heart artists.  You can all find the courage to begin anew.  It is in the love of your craft.

Love Conquers Evil

Another display of evil in this world.  And with each new round of hate-filled actions the word that keeps popping into my head is LOVE.  These people who continually fight for causes whose sole agenda is to harm others, obviously, are sorely lacking in the sentiment.  It goes against the grain, but these poor souls need more love thrown at them than normal people.

Love, by its very nature, brings forth such warm feelings for our fellow humans that inflicting injury to others is never an option.  Therefore, these cells of evil must not know what it is to love or be loved.  That is sad.  And the lawless ones who are killed, whether self-perpetuated or in an attempt to flee their heinous crimes, will never know love.

Most of us understand this warm affection from infancy and can spend a lifetime caring and sharing.  Even some whose family lives have been full of trauma and destruction have an innate sense that there is a better method to live a fulfilled life.

Now, evidently, these felons believe they have been wronged in some way.  We can, all have elements of such thoughts.  The choices we make to right those wrongs is what labels us either civilized human beings or barbarians.  Hiding behind religious cults is far easier than facing up to the fact one has opted to be a mass murderer.

Showing compassion to the wretched population of criminals does not mean they should go unpunished.  Far from it.  The penalty should fit the crime.  What I purpose, is to show them, by example, that there is a finer avenue to take.  Remaining a good person despite experiencing horrific pain at the hands of another will allow for the message of an undaunted spirit.  Even the dispossessed cannot fight against such valour.

It may take some time for evil-doers to comprehend the damage they have caused to their victims and their families but throughout the history of this fine planet of ours, love has always conquered evil.  There is no reason that will not continue.

Going Beyond Limitations

Limitations are the boundaries with which we think we are capable.  Knowing how far we can go may be helpful in any quest.  It can save one from the heartache of unattainable goals.  Conversely, it may serve as a catalyst for following someone else’s dream.  To be so self-aware and know the difference is the exception in most cases.

The one problem with such knowledge is, it can marginalize one to remain where they are and not reach for loftier ambitions.  This, of course, is the death knell for growth.  The only way for human beings to move forward is to keep pushing ourselves beyond our abilities. 

The pathway to expansion, with intelligence, allows for a push past the fringe.  Until, one attempts to step further afield by stretching rarely used muscles, we all restrict ourselves into narrow confines.  Disallowing a free and fulfilling energy to flow through, stifling any and all creativity.

It takes courage to break out of the mould others have labelled one with.  Introspection will garner the recognition of self-limiting beliefs that have to be conquered in order to succeed.  Daring boldness is needed to take that first step.  It can be daunting to begin down a new, untraveled, road.  Fears and apprehensions will shut down progress at every turn.  Giving in to dread will never bring about a better future.

Throughout all of mankind those who have pushed beyond their limits (or perceived limits) are the ones who have found the greatest glory.  As difficult as it is to take that intrepid stride towards an unknown end, it is the only way to render a satisfying outcome.  Partaking in the usual activities will only result in familiar consequences.

Stepping past trepidation and anxiety is the only way to develop the strength for untold potential to be realized.  Freedom and open abandonment will allow for unfettered liberty if a chance is taken.

Go forth into the world knowing you possess all the resources needed for success.  Nothing is beyond the reach of the imagination.

Take Nothing Personally


Did you know the hardest part about putting yourself on the line for your beliefs is the harsh criticism that will inevitably come hurtling at you.  It may be unintentionally harmful.  Or not.  Often honest reviews can sting.  Going against popular beliefs can bring a plethora of snide remarks, bordering on intolerance.  (Usually, from those who advocate tolerance for all.)

Yet, to conform for the sake of fitting in is a false dichotomy.  There will be no peace for those who pretend to believe one theory when their mind screams ‘wrong!’.  Living this double standard will only lead to heartbreak and inner turmoil.  It is far better to stick to what one deems to be true.  Even if mistaken.

In the age of political correctness it becomes harder to remain true to one’s beliefs.  As there is much wrong with the ideals of the general populace.  To admit such diverse views may well bring about exile.  It could be that one becomes a social outcast.  This is the height of torture for the youth of today.

Giving in to generalized standards is far easier than fighting for a belief.  There is a movement towards convincing anyone, who thinks differently, to take on the tenets of the loudest group.  Individual thought is frowned upon.  No matter that you are not out to do any harm.  Disagree with a lifestyle or popular view and risk public humiliation.  I ask you, is this the type of bullying one has to endure for an honest belief?

Whether there is agreement or not, about any number of topics, it behooves everyone to allow the person with the polar opposite view, the right to choose their ideas.  No need to convince anyone to come to the socially acceptable way of thinking.

A person who is steadfast in their beliefs can respect another’s way of thinking.  It does no damage to be different.  Never take these disagreements personally.

Brain Storming

There are some people who have an endless reserve of imagination.  They have a unique ability to come up with ideas at the drop of a hat.  It brings to mind the quote by Maya Angelou, ‘You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have’.  So, contrary to what most believe, the skills it takes to bring about exceptional concepts are increased the more one uses the mind for such activity.

This should encourage those who are suffering from the dreaded blocks that can hit any one of us.  All it takes is to put the brain in motion.  Even if the thought process is seemingly unconnected with the desired outcome.  The very act of creating in one area will stimulate all parts of the mind.

Sometimes, it is best to totally turn off the mental capacity, for a while, in order to recharge.  This should be done regularly as it will urge the intellect in promoting considerations of many topics.  A loss of confidence in the ability to form insights will be limited.  Belief in one’s capabilities of such enterprises will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Careful practise of the use of the brain will garner those all important novel ideas.  When done correctly one bright vision leads to another and another.  Not all of them will be gems but that is hardly the point.  Once the floodgates are opened to an endless flow of originality one can pick and choose from the best for the appropriate results.

It is possible to train yourself to saturate the mind with an unlimited amount of concepts.  Allowing for a deluge of healthy suggestions and free flowing, brain storming sessions will attract the mental pictures to continue to inundate the mind.  Never cease thinking.


This is a subject that can be tricky.  Confidence is another’s ability to come through takes a special kind of courage.  It may leave one open to betrayal, disloyalty, and painful chicanery.  And when those things occur it has the potential to destroy another’s soul.  And if the hurt is deep enough, some may never recover.

Luckily, that does not happen often.  Most people are cognizant of how fragile we all are when it comes to the faith we place in someone else.  No one consciously hurts another, if they can help it.  With this being the case, doing our best to keep all promises and expectations are the normal solutions.

If one’s belief in another is rocked, for whatever the reason, can it be repaired?  As I said, the betrayal alone will shut down emotions that may be hard pressed to reappear.  Rebuilding that certainty could take a long time to regain.  That is not to say it cannot be done.  With much work, plenty of love and understanding, it can be restored.

It is best for all concerned, if that assuredness is not broken in the first place.  Being open and honest will never devastate another.  When the trust is shattered between two or more persons there is such a loss on multiple levels.  It may seem as if the only thing that is misplaced is a conviction that the other person has failed to uphold but it can and does go much deeper than that.  

Questions arise about how misunderstandings occurred and where it all went wrong.  Second guessing oneself is bound to follow such events for the simple reason that someone else has made a fool of you.  This is never a good place to be.  It happens.  At some time, we have all put our reliance upon someone or something only to be greatly disappointed.  

It is better to put that trust in another and possibly get hurt than it is to shut off and never allow a faithful friend the opportunity to step up and do the right thing.

It may sting at times but success will follow the few who can be counted on.