We all experience times of tension where our hearts and minds cannot focus because of the anxiety that we have allowed to build up. The fact that is it our own doing, does not make the situation any easier to live with. There are not many of us who are self-aware enough to recognize the signs and will be able to straighten ourselves out before the problem is blown all out of proportion. The anguish can be forged in such a subtle way that it is thought to be under control. Then one day . . . BAM! It hits one like a ton of bricks and normal functioning becomes impossible to cope with.

The good news is, de-stressing is absolutely attainable. And reversing the self-inflicted damage can be accomplished with a few relatively uncomplicated solutions: Deep breathing is always helpful. If you have ever watched any sporting event, you will see athlete’s doing this while awaiting the games to begin. They know the value of oxygenation throughout the bloodstream.

Physical activities can reduce the dread one has become lost in. Simply going for a leisurely walk helps to clear the mind of clutter and allows for the time to allocate an orderly design of priorities. This alone will bring peace to the otherwise ‘monkey mind’ that has taken over.

Meditation and calming the mind, is extremely beneficial. This is not an easy road for everyone but giving it a try is well worth the effort. Remaining quiet by clearing the mind will allow for serenity to descend upon the body, mind and spirit. A great weight can be lifted naturally leaving one with less nervous exhaustion from prolonged overthinking.

Listening to music, engaging in art projects or participating in whatever enjoyable endeavour takes your fancy, are never a waste of time. The things we have an affinity for are the very stuff that makes each life an individual adventure. It is up to us to follow those distinctive paths to find the tranquility within.

Do whatever it takes to remove yourself from the worries of life and relaxation will surely follow.


A New Year

The thing about life is that the possibilities for merriment and play are always available. Pursue the things that give you pleasure this new year. We get what we look for, so it might as well be the positive aspects of our lives.

We may not be able to see the good, all the time as one has to make the effort to find it and suddenly it shows up.

No matter how bad things get and regardless of outside circumstances, concentrate on having fun. Any and all experiences must be embraced to find their joy. It is there waiting to be claimed. Own it!

Comfort Zone


Everyone has a state of mind where they can coast through life without exerting much effort.  It is easy.  There will be no struggle to navigate the boundaries of your existence.  No surprises, no hiccups, time moves from moment to moment being as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

And yet . . .

As much as we all love the familiar, is it really living to ‘get up, go to work, come home, watch tv and go to bed, then repeat’ day after day?  Not that there is anything wrong with a routine.  Millions of people subscribe to it.  Yet, in order to grow as human beings, we must have a shake-up every once in a while.

Some people will baulk at this claiming, ‘I don’t want any traumas’ and I, wholeheartedly, agree with the sentiment.  Dealing with new and unexpected circumstances does not necessarily equal bad or detrimental situations.  Moving away from the norm can lead to some life-changing, beautiful experiences.  It is, of course, up to the individual to choose how these uncharted adventures are taken on board.

The trick is to find comfort in oneself.  That way, no matter what external forces are put into play, there will be a confidence in one’s personal ability to deal with all conditions.  Very few of us, possess such overall self-assurance.  Opting, instead, for the simple way, filled with dull routine.

Time to break out!

One’s realm of ease may be the only thing that is standing in the path of future desires.  The mundane can be escaped and to remain steadfast in the face of all new incidents will be the driving force behind the handling of it.  While pressure from the outside may change, the core of who you are will remain solid.  There is an avenue of fun even in the most challenging of events.

Focusing on the negative will undoubtedly bring about pessimistic results.  Step back.  There is always something to be grateful for.  Find it and hang on to it.  Good thoughts tend to mutate and before you know it, your comfort zone will have expanded to include experiences which you never dreamed possible before.

Go for it!

Give Love Freely

Love is the one thing we all desire. And for all that we want to receive this wonderful emotion, the giving of it is so much more powerful. Pure unadulterated warmth is the greatest gift one can bestow on everyone around them.

There are no limits to the amount given. Nor do we need to hold back. Sharing as much heartfelt sentiment can be a life-changing force in one’s life. This, of course, is worth it. To be a small cog in the wheel of another’s existence is a privilege that should be cherished.

Making a difference is all that is necessary in order to vouchsafe these warm feelings. With the emphasis on granting others precious goodwill without expecting anything in return. Often, this ends up being more beneficial to the giver. Not that this is a reason to share the love.

Deep rooted affection for your fellow human beings is what I am on about. This is the secret to a happy life. We are what we think about the most and concentrating on loving each other is bound to fill us with goodness and light. The talent of making others feel good about themselves has no equal.

They say ‘people may forget what you say or do but not how you make them feel’ and it is so true. I know there are relatives who have, over the years (decades even) shunted me to the back of the line when it comes to importance. They do not even know they do it. I can be talking to them and as soon as someone more important comes along, I’m dismissed without thought.

Never make the mistake of thinking that just because permission is asked to get back to them, that it is not causing someone to feel less and slighted by such behaviour.

Never put off the giving of love as one day the recipient may not be around to receive it. Keeping score is also superfluous. No one can out-give the universe. Love is in you to dole out. Do so, freely!

Laughing In The Face Of Adversity

This may sound like the actions of a lunatic.  As everyone knows the challenges in life are so serious they can not be laughed at or made fun of.  The attitude of most people is that finding anything amusing about bad situations should not be tolerated.  

Honestly, even the most horrendous of circumstances can be viewed in such a way that one can glean pleasure from it.  Movies, tv, books and songs play on one’s emotions for the sake of merriment, all the time.

Now, one might not see revolting behaviour as something to laugh at.  And that is so but all subjects are used to amuse an entertainment-starved general public.  Gallows humour has been around for centuries.  To partake of it may feel ghoulish or deliciously decadent in its naughtiness.  Of course, this conduct is not politically correct and therefore frowned upon.  Yet, I dare say, it is probably a release that will stimulate a variety of feel-good vibes.

Choosing how one deals with the pitfalls of life is the right of the individual.  No one can tell another how they should feel or act.  If one wants to find humour in the most outrageous of situations, I say ‘good on them’.  Even if I disagree with their take on it, I still believe it is the prerogative of each one of us to decide for themselves.

Judging another is not for me.  Whatever works for a person is good enough.  I know that when facing dire consequences, doing so with a light-hearted disposition will set in motion the ability to handle things with less stress.  This can make all the difference in the world.  It will allow one to be free of anxiety and fear.  Optimizing a clear thinking that is needed to find solutions.

Discovering the courage to face whatever life has to offer and doing so good-naturedly is a rare trait.  One that needs to applauded.  Inappropriate or not, seeing hardships as a blessing and putting a positive spin on misfortune will, in turn, effect other areas of one’s mindset.

Be bold and brave when taking on small or large life events.  Cry, if you must but find a reason to laugh in the face of adversity and a whole world of possiblities will open up for you.

Take That Leap

Often an idea inspires us to follow a course of action that can lead down an unfamiliar path. These avenues in life are where most of us become paralyzed with fear. Unfortunately, many will do nothing and then complain that their lives are void of meaning and purpose. The best choice is to follow the notion to wherever it may lead.  
It has to be better than fretting and worrying about making the decision. Too much thinking will always result in non-action. Being in one’s head can stifle growth simply because action is what is needed. And while contemplation is the thing that will bring us the life we desire, it is only through the motions we engage in that progress will occur.
Action is such a big word too. It conjures up images of huge endeavours. Yet, this is not necessarily so. Engaging in small, simple functions on a consistent basis will bring about great transformations.
There is nothing new about this concept. And, personally, I have always had trouble in the motivation to commence the steps needed to reach whatever goal had been chosen. Some may say that is because of a lack of drive and that which was focused on would indicate a false desire. This could be true but continuing to want the same life, decades later, would counteract that. Obviously, something has not been fulfilled regarding this dream.
Having a passion does not have to be all consuming. To reach the outcome one must visualize success. It is paramount in the execution of attainment. While others may eat, sleep and breath their goals, some can experience a slow, simmering boil that will manifest at a gentler pace.
Whichever way, best suits your personality go with it. Whatever actions must be taken, do them on your own terms. Take a leap of faith when you are most frightened. It will propel you to the next step and each forward movement will bring you that much closer to the ultimate result. JUMP!

Helping Family Members

Wanting to help others is a laudable ambition.  It is especially difficult to champion members of one’s own family.  Now, some would say, ‘of course, we want to give aid to those closest to us’.  Yet, this is not always attainable.  There are circumstances where the people we have grown up with, turn out to be our harshest critics.  Or worse; some of those who are meant to love and protect us, are the very people who have caused the most damage.  (Whether knowingly or not.)

That fact should not hinder us from offering kindness, as it is these very humans who need assistance more than anyone else.  Instincts would have us walk away from anyone who has caused us pain.  It is human nature.  Yet, if we can get past our prejudices and project the will to bring support and encouragement to the other person, all shall benefit from such magnaminity.

To give aid to strangers can be much easier.  As they never judge on the past, especially when there is no history.  Emotions will play their role in determining whether to pluck up the courage to offer sound advice to those closest to us.  Worse still famillial relationships may prevent those who could use wise counsel from accepting such guidance because one cannot get over old images of a loved ones perceived role in life.

We all change and it may be hardest to recognize such alterations within the dynamics of the family.  That should never stop anyone from seeking the help that is needed.  Nor should it prevent one from taking in sage advice.  Everyone has to decide for themselves whether to accept the help on offer from wherever the source.

A person willing to give support can be open to granting acquired knowledge but as we all know you cannot force anyone to accept solace or solutions.  When this is the case, all we can do is wait patiently until that person is ready to receive some peace of mind.

Helping others will always be an admirable pursuit.  Giving valuable information in order for one to create a happier life is something that will reflect back.  Mirroring serenity will, in turn, bring tranquility throughout the world.  We all want that for our loved ones and all of humanity.