The definition of intuition is three-fold: 1- immediate apprehension by the mind without reason. 2- immediate apprehension by a sense. 3- immediate insight.

This is a trait all humans possess and very few trust or heed. Most of us, have been raised to spend time (and occasionally money) on gathering information in order to make knowledgeable decisions. There is nothing wrong with this approach. Yet, the first conclusion we come to, very often, is the one that turns out to be the most accurate.

To give credence to our gut instinct takes a good deal of faith. This is where most fail. Simply because there is no hard evidence to verify the end result. We feel compelled to justify our decisions by a mountain of documentation. As if that will somehow render our initial feeling to be correct.

It does not matter how or why one receives these intuitive notions, the point is to give it, its due. Like everything in life, the more a muscle is used, the stronger it becomes and just because something is not fully understood, does not mean it should be totally disregarded.

It can be extremely hard to follow an intuition, as ‘trusting in the invisible’ takes time and many mistakes. To garner that confidence and believe in the, almost clairvoyant perception, leaves many in an unreceptive state. This sixth sense can and should be developed within each of us. Only good will come from applying these unseen forces and allowing the unconscious mind to guide us to a solution.

For all the studies and knowledge we now have about the brain and how it works, there is still a great mystery regarding the mind. It is the most powerful tool on this earth. The fact, that many have allowed it to remain mostly untapped, is a shame. Combined with our senses, there is no stopping the potential that is locked in all of us. Yet, settling for a mediocre existence is easier than delving into what is possible.

Be bold enough to explore every facet of your life. Intuitively, you know this is right. Allow your instincts to guide you to your passions and follow the path you were meant to take.


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