Being Authentic

In a world full of unreliability, it is extremely easy to hide behind excuses and lame justifications. Society has a habit of encouraging everyone to settle for less. Making it more acceptable to follow the crowd rather than to stand up for what is right as an individual.

Original thoughts and actions are frowned upon. Conforming to the ways of the masses seems to be the only suitable solution. After all, there is strength in numbers and if ten people agree on any subject with one lone hold-out, then the majority must be right and the other wrong.

That kind of thinking never takes into consideration the situations, characteristics and/or mindsets of the distinct inhabitants of the world. Nor, it seems, are we allowed to hold our heads high when reserving the right to not buy into common ideas. This causes most people a good deal of strain in their attempt to be authentic.

Political correctness has run amok and refutes freedom of expression. As long as you agree with the majority then you shall not be shamed. It is a high price to pay to remain genuine and even harder to find people who will stand up and be counted as a creative thinker.

These brave souls who will, unapologetically, be who they are, are the trail blazers of our time. I salute each and every one of you who are open and honest enough to be yourselves in the face of an exceedingly judgement general public. Most people will strive to ‘shame and blame’ until you adhere to their way of thinking. It is bullying at its ugliest.

Be who and what you are and take pride in the fact you are different from everyone else. That is what will set us all free. Throughout history, people have fought for their right to individuality. Never give it up.


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