There are times in life when standing up for the truth will present itself. Usually, these experiences are fraught with stress and turmoil. Why is it that doing the right thing, is never easy? All our lives, we are told to be honest and ethical. Yet most have been let down, at one time or another, while adhering to this adage. It is too easy to believe in the lies someone else is espousing, simply because they are more glib and charming with their falsehoods.

The good news is, truthfulness will always win out. It can, of course, take years or even decades for some authentic facts to be proven but make no mistake about it, the deceptions presented will be revealed. It takes a brave soul to stand up for their, seemingly unpopular, convictions. Generally, the masses ignore the difference between virtue and vice in order to follow the crowd. Despite what their gut is telling them.

Conforming, for the sake of fitting in, is a huge blunder. It will take its toll on the body, mind and spirit of an individual. Defending a cause, can be rough as it feels like the rest of humanity is against one. We must hold on to our principles regarding honour and integrity, as these beliefs help form one’s character. Never allow outside pressures to influence that which you have a deep sense of moral correctness for.

Sticking up for the less powerful and being in the midst of a disturbance may render one oblivious as to the heroic deeds they are undertaking. That does not decrease the value such displays provide. The audacity it takes to stand in the line of fire, in order to help the downtrodden, is much appreciated for the sacrifices this behaviour entails.

The courage it takes to defy those in positions of authority when they are wrong, is enormous. To step forward and play fair, pays tribute to the inner fortitude of a strong will. Not everyone has such leanings. Those that do, should be honoured for their valour. Rejoice in the bold daring of a life of decency and ethical rectitude.

On behalf of all, I would like to thank those that champion the underdog!


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