Give Love Freely

Love is the one thing we all desire. And for all that we want to receive this wonderful emotion, the giving of it is so much more powerful. Pure unadulterated warmth is the greatest gift one can bestow on everyone around them.

There are no limits to the amount given. Nor do we need to hold back. Sharing as much heartfelt sentiment can be a life-changing force in one’s life. This, of course, is worth it. To be a small cog in the wheel of another’s existence is a privilege that should be cherished.

Making a difference is all that is necessary in order to vouchsafe these warm feelings. With the emphasis on granting others precious goodwill without expecting anything in return. Often, this ends up being more beneficial to the giver. Not that this is a reason to share the love.

Deep rooted affection for your fellow human beings is what I am on about. This is the secret to a happy life. We are what we think about the most and concentrating on loving each other is bound to fill us with goodness and light. The talent of making others feel good about themselves has no equal.

They say ‘people may forget what you say or do but not how you make them feel’ and it is so true. I know there are relatives who have, over the years (decades even) shunted me to the back of the line when it comes to importance. They do not even know they do it. I can be talking to them and as soon as someone more important comes along, I’m dismissed without thought.

Never make the mistake of thinking that just because permission is asked to get back to them, that it is not causing someone to feel less and slighted by such behaviour.

Never put off the giving of love as one day the recipient may not be around to receive it. Keeping score is also superfluous. No one can out-give the universe. Love is in you to dole out. Do so, freely!


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