Take That Leap

Often an idea inspires us to follow a course of action that can lead down an unfamiliar path. These avenues in life are where most of us become paralyzed with fear. Unfortunately, many will do nothing and then complain that their lives are void of meaning and purpose. The best choice is to follow the notion to wherever it may lead.  
It has to be better than fretting and worrying about making the decision. Too much thinking will always result in non-action. Being in one’s head can stifle growth simply because action is what is needed. And while contemplation is the thing that will bring us the life we desire, it is only through the motions we engage in that progress will occur.
Action is such a big word too. It conjures up images of huge endeavours. Yet, this is not necessarily so. Engaging in small, simple functions on a consistent basis will bring about great transformations.
There is nothing new about this concept. And, personally, I have always had trouble in the motivation to commence the steps needed to reach whatever goal had been chosen. Some may say that is because of a lack of drive and that which was focused on would indicate a false desire. This could be true but continuing to want the same life, decades later, would counteract that. Obviously, something has not been fulfilled regarding this dream.
Having a passion does not have to be all consuming. To reach the outcome one must visualize success. It is paramount in the execution of attainment. While others may eat, sleep and breath their goals, some can experience a slow, simmering boil that will manifest at a gentler pace.
Whichever way, best suits your personality go with it. Whatever actions must be taken, do them on your own terms. Take a leap of faith when you are most frightened. It will propel you to the next step and each forward movement will bring you that much closer to the ultimate result. JUMP!


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