Helping Family Members

Wanting to help others is a laudable ambition.  It is especially difficult to champion members of one’s own family.  Now, some would say, ‘of course, we want to give aid to those closest to us’.  Yet, this is not always attainable.  There are circumstances where the people we have grown up with, turn out to be our harshest critics.  Or worse; some of those who are meant to love and protect us, are the very people who have caused the most damage.  (Whether knowingly or not.)

That fact should not hinder us from offering kindness, as it is these very humans who need assistance more than anyone else.  Instincts would have us walk away from anyone who has caused us pain.  It is human nature.  Yet, if we can get past our prejudices and project the will to bring support and encouragement to the other person, all shall benefit from such magnaminity.

To give aid to strangers can be much easier.  As they never judge on the past, especially when there is no history.  Emotions will play their role in determining whether to pluck up the courage to offer sound advice to those closest to us.  Worse still famillial relationships may prevent those who could use wise counsel from accepting such guidance because one cannot get over old images of a loved ones perceived role in life.

We all change and it may be hardest to recognize such alterations within the dynamics of the family.  That should never stop anyone from seeking the help that is needed.  Nor should it prevent one from taking in sage advice.  Everyone has to decide for themselves whether to accept the help on offer from wherever the source.

A person willing to give support can be open to granting acquired knowledge but as we all know you cannot force anyone to accept solace or solutions.  When this is the case, all we can do is wait patiently until that person is ready to receive some peace of mind.

Helping others will always be an admirable pursuit.  Giving valuable information in order for one to create a happier life is something that will reflect back.  Mirroring serenity will, in turn, bring tranquility throughout the world.  We all want that for our loved ones and all of humanity.


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