Good Friends

Everyone wishes they had such people in their lives.  The kind of human beings who will be in your corner and give love and support without question, when needed.  In reality, these people are hard to come by.  Most are more interested in their own lives and will not put themselves out for family members never mind those not related to them.

Yet, there must be some who will go above and beyond the call of duty for their pals.  When one finds a paragon of this magnitude they must be cherished.  It follows that to be in possession of loyalty is a two-way street.  Offering the same treatment is a must.  Fair is fair.

It is possible that friendship comes in the form of a member of the family. So long as the familiar dynamic can be overlooked.  We are all people, in our own right, and concentrating on that fact will allow the close association to override any ancestry angst.  

Whether good friends come from within the clan or not, once there is an unbreakable connection between two or more people, that is when we can move mountains.

Of course, acquaintances do fall out, it happens.  Even best friends can drift apart.  Sometimes, that does not hinder the scope of fellowship.  Physical distance may not mean a gap in the relationship.  As humans, we tend to crave the companionship of others.  There are not many who lack any sort of connections.  It is in our natures to work together to bring a happier life to all.  This benefits mankind.  On some level we all understand that and instinctively become a party to the furtherance of the species.

Whatever the reason we seek out the friendship of another, it does not matter. Generosity, kindness and love is all we can ask of ourselves or them.  These traits will attract the type of people who will make good friends.  Open up your heart and release the goodness inside.  It will come back to you, in spades.


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