Losing one’s way and reverting back into old habits is the lot of everyone.  Setting out to improve oneself will not prevent this from happening.  Working on being a better person can be the greatest journey a human being can participate in.  Acquiring the knowledge and wisdom is exciting.  More thrilling is actually putting into practise, what one has learned.

Self help books are useful.  They have a purpose and the intention is to aid all to a better life.  Most of the time, the end result is not so.  The reason being, is that to get a different outcome change has got to be taken on board and really embraced.

Lasting reformation, is possible, yet even some alternatives can have a limit.  And that includes noticeable changes which  have not taken place quick enough.  All that is learned is thrown over for the comfortable way one is used to.  As soon as this occurs, the non-results begins again and no one is any better off.

The old habits and ways are taken on as it becomes too hard to wait for any beneficial outcome.  This leads to a downward spiral of good intentions that are overrun by poor choices.  Despite the fact, one thinks they are taking on a more positive position and have adjusted their behaviour.  It may not be true.  

The mindset must truly be fixed.  This is more difficult than it seems as we are trying to improve a mind that has a myriad of flaws to begin with.  If we possessed the type of mind that was bent on the success of changing, it would not need altering.  As our thinking is wrong, it takes a great deal to correct it in order to begin the progress of any permanent, lasting changes.
Can it be done?  Of course, it can.  Will it take time and effort?  You bet.  Will it be worth it?  Absolutely!  Anyone who has tried to get themselves to progress and become better knows anything is possible.  This is the attitude to hold on to.  We, all, have enough resources within to make the hoped-for modifications.


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