Labels: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Been reading an interesting book, ‘Mindset’ by Carol S Dweck, and the section on the tags that are foisted on everyone from an early age is having a profound effect.  These perceived ‘bad’ labels, and sometimes more positive destinations will be used against anyone with the mindset of lack.  

Praising a child for being bright can have unusual consequences where they no longer try to learn anything new.  Believing the brand causes them to not put in any effort to improve.  This resonates on many levels.  Thinking back over a regular childhood, it can be seen where some names that were thrust upon one, influence in an individual throughout their lives.  And not in a positive, productive way.  

The classifications may not be bad, by any means, but they can stop a person from giving their best in areas where a natural ability is possessed.  Who knows where one could have ended up if they had had the encouragement to nurture the gifts that were born in them?

The reason this is so interesting is the realization and acknowledgement of how important it is to have the correct mindset.  What we believe (whether true or not, has no bearing) constant learning is the most important thing in order to reach goals.  Recognizing these destructive attributes will change them, of course, yet having them in the first place is jarring.

And there are aspects about a more positive outlook that can be possessed.  Dig deeper and despite the fact the belief of ‘we can all learn, grow and ultimately change’ the actions that have been participated in, shows a completely different and negatively-impacted mindset.  Now, no one is perfect and that, is a good thing.  Perfection does not exist nor ever will.  Challenging ourselves in most areas proves we are in a winning frame of mind.

Yet, spending the early part of life not even trying for the simple reason that every report card claimed a student to be average is disheartening.  Especially, in regards to subjects which they excelled in.  This can force the individual into a ‘why bother’ attitude.

At least, knowing that improvements will be made and struggle is a good thing, will force one to be better.  Only took decades to correct.


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