Suspicious Of Kindness

It seems a shame that in this day and age, any random acts of kindness, are viewed with suspicion.  Yet, they are.  That is not to say, that everyone is honourable and above board.  There are, of course, scammers and those who prey on the trusting.  However, the good people left in the world will not only participate in good deeds for others, they go out of their way to bring joy with no expectations of reciprocation.

Unfortunately, these are the people who are judged the harshest.  After all, why would anyone be nice and kind to virtual strangers?  If we cannot allow such goodness in, how can we develop the admirable trait within ourselves?

Now, a person who has been burned by a false well-wisher will be, understandably, cautious.  Being vigilant does not have to equal the point of bad manners.  It takes much soul searching and a good deal of confidence-building to produce trust again.  It can happen and does all the time.  Repairing such a rift must be as important to the person who has broken the bond as it is for the one full of doubt.

Part of the problem stems from our inability to discern the good guys from the bad guys.  (Being facetious here, women are just as guilty of these traits).  For the life of me, I do not know why this is?  We all have instincts that can be fine-tuned to spot the goodies from the baddies.  Although, how many of us, take the time to cultivate this part of our personalities and learn to trust ourselves?

Personally, I find it extremely easy to spot honesty.  Persons who have a kind heart stick out a mile.  I suppose looking deeper into their psyche may require more time and effort but in the long run, it is worth it.  No one wants to be taken in by outward appearances.  There are always tell-tale signs as to who can be trustworthy and who cannot.  Even with those who attempt to swindle by cunning means.  Lies and deceit always come to the forefront.  

Once you know that a person is dishonest never count on them to do the right thing.  Yet, always give them the opportunity to prove you wrong.  Being suspicious of their kindness is fathomable.  However, anyone can change for the better.  Be giving enough to allow for improvements.  We can all use a second chance.


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