Emotional Rollercoaster

We have all been through times when one minute we experience utter despair and the next; total elation.  Only to be shunted from pillar to post again and again.  It is bad enough when the situation is not life threatening but throw that element into the mix and emotions run extremely high.  This can cause stress like nobody’s business.

Other people throwing in their two cents worth will merely add to the ups and downs of any harrowing time.  Unless they are helpful.  It does happen.  Those people are a lifeline.  Often the abscence of strong opinions will alleviate some of the stressful undulations.  Just being around calm and peaceful people will aid with the uncertainty which the highs and lows of weighty situations bring.

Going through such twists and turns will effect different people in a number of ways.  Some will be postiive and enjoy the ride while others may want to run and hide.  Pushing through will result in a stronger you.  And despite the difficulty, that very struggle is what will strengthen one’s resolve to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

It may be that the highs bring one to pinnacles heretofore not known.  Only to be dashed with an all-time low.  Being the person on this ride can be horrendous.  One never knows if they’re coming or going.  It is not an ideal situation for anyone. The best one can do is to hold on tight.  Even this may end up in the opposite result.

No one wants to see another suffer and most will do what they can to give solace.  Although, the trials and tribulations of a temperamental journey can involve the influences of others.  And the only good thing about enduring such times is that reaching the other side is such a relief that the bad stuff just falls away.

Taking the smooth with the rough is part of life.  No one is guaranteed an easy existence, as much as we all would love the peace.  Getting through tough times is always a lesson; sometimes in patience, sometimes in control.  In the end, we are better people for weathering the storms and navigating our emotional ups and downs.



When times are tough and one is struggling, the greatest gift can be the support received from family, friends and strangers, alike.  Sometimes, the least we can do is to listen.  Maybe all that is required is to be there to hold a hand.  A different perspective is always helpful.

Non-emotional comfort can be a great asset to a person in the midst of some trial or tribulation.  Having another who sees things clearly when your own eyes are clouded by strong feelings is like a lifeline to a drowning man.  The solace it provides can be the difference between a breath of fresh air and going under for the third time.

Looking in, from the outside, it may seem like the comfort given is so sparse that no one will notice.  This is a fallacy.  Often, being a tower of strength itself, can by osmosis bolster an inner power to the one suffering.  This is invaluable.  We all require a helping hand at some point.  That is why, most people are only too glad to offer reassurances and relief when they are able.

To lessen the loneliness we all feel in times of trouble, we can give aid by sharing those experiences.  This can be a tremendous bit of help to someone who is going through strife for the first time.  Sometimes, just to know that others have gone through similar circumstances can be inspirational for solutions to be found.

We are all here to help each other.  It is what caring human beings do for one another.  Giving succour to the ones who need it most will be the greatest thing you ever do.  Being supportive is what we should all strive for.  Help a friend.

Control The Chatter

We all have that tiny voice in our heads that either helps or hinders us throughout our lives.  It is so much a part of everyone’s daily existence that most people are not even aware of its ever-presence.  Yet, the chatter that is constantly flowing can be the catalyst for moving forward.  Conversely, it may be the very reason we are held back from reaching our potential.

All, have the resources to fulfill every desire.  Not living the life you deserve?  Have not met the love of your life?  Struggling to make ends meet, financially?   All of these aspects of one person’s life can be the byproduct of faulty thinking.  That, in turn, may have everything to do with the self-talk that continues to permeate one’s daily rituals.

Breaking the habits of a lifetime can be done.  Step #1 will be to recognize that the source of the negative behaviour is perpetuated by your mindset.  Yes, that is right.  You are directly responsible for the thoughts you think.  I do not write this to blame anyone.  Placing blame is not the goal.  Allowing one to see that the responsibility is their own means change can be made.  We create the dissatisfaction and with some positive alterations, a new response can be generated.

Although, like any any habit, it takes time and a concentrated effort to alter the language and attitude, in order to serve instead of sabotage.  Slipping back to the old ways is always a possibility and one must be on their guard.  It happens more often than one would think.  Coasting and reverting to an effortless existence might take over.

Insidious negative chatter can sneak up on anyone.  Particularly, those who have trained themselves to think in such a way.  One must take charge of the self-talk by being ever vigilant.

It is best to immerse yourself in positive reinforcement, affirmations and creative visualization.  Stick to how you want things to be.  The rest can be dropped.  Tell yourself, ‘it is possible’.  You control the chatter.

Time To Let Go

There comes a point in everyone’s lives when they are faced with a harsh reality.  They must let go of someone or something that holds significance for them.  This can be a most trying period.  Usually there are emotions that come into play and, for one reason or another, it plays heavily on the heart.

An uncertain future can wreck havoc on the most heroic of us.  And can lead to a nostalgic longing for the past.  In turn, it may cause difficulty in moving forward.  No one can get ahead with one foot in the future while the other remains firmly planted in the past.

Bold steps must be taken.  For the sentimental, this can be heart breaking.  Not because our prospects are bleak but having to forego the past and familiar does not always constitute an ideal frame of mind.  Most of us are hard-wired to hang on tightly to the devil we know.  Disregarding the possibilities for improvement.  Being stuck in yesterday, will eventually have to be conquered.  It can be tough to allow that which is familiar the liberty to be altered but all new things are not necessarily bad.

Once new actions become habits they are rooted in our psyche.  And by our very nature we want to hold on to the lives we have forged for ourselves.  Tomorrow need not be any more frightening than what has gone on before.  Humans have the ability to adjust remarkably.  But when years are spent following regular routines, the notion of adapting becomes a foreign concept.

Confidence is the ability to let go of the past and create a better future may take a beating when one is not challenged enough on a daily basis.  Take heart because even letting go of those we love will ultimately result in a positive experience.

We never lose those who have touched our hearts even when the moment to free them arrives.  They may no longer be around physically but true loved ones are in our hearts forever.  When the time is right, it is okay to let go.

An Elderly Parent

Watching a beloved parent deteriorate is the saddest thing a child can go through, regardless of age.  For those of us lucky enough to have a mother and father that were and are greatly loved becoming the caregiver for them is a type of payback for all they have done for their children.  Despite the fact, that some of those kids are totally disinterested in helping parents, in their time of need, as it will disrupt their lives.  Usually, one child will step up.

It tends to fall to the least selfish.  The one who has the wherewithal to put that parent’s welfare first.  This can cause rifts within the family dynamic as there is no fairness when it comes to taking on these responsibilities.  Yet, to cherish every moment spent with a loved one in their twilight years is definitely a blessing.  It can be hard; yes as health issues will be a constant challenge.

Even with the ravages of dementia, in its many forms, tough times should be treasured.  While this disease can rob some of their natural characteristics, there can be fleeting glimpses of the people they used to be.  This can be the most heartening of circumstances.  Little victories become vast triumphs.

Everyone handles this phase of life in a different manner.  Some will ignore it.  Some will embrace it.  Like everything else you get out of it what you put in.  The last resort will be to make the most difficult of decisions; to have them put into a home.  There are so many emotions that will play on one’s mind as to what the best choice will be.  The guilt associated with shoving a mother or father away, out of sight, simply for convenience, can be devastating.

What it all comes down to, is giving and doing your best for another.  An elderly parent needs the same love and care as the tiniest baby.  Please, be kind to the vulnerable.  Think about what it best for everyone involved.  We shall all be old one day (if we are lucky) let us help each other.

Network Of Friends

Everyone knows that a problem shared is lessened in its intensity.  The best way to alleviate the stress and strain of any situation is to communicate the difficulty to a trusted friend.  The simple act of unburdening yourself will bring relief.  For some reason, we can act in the totally opposite direction and close ranks.  It may be pride or it may be fear that brings on such destructive notions?

Whatever the reason, being open and honest is the best way to go.  Allowing the vulnerability to show does not denote weakness.  In fact, it will manifest in a strength one never knew they possessed.

Often during, stressful times, the last thing we want is for people to be kind.  It can play on the emotions when we are at our most sensitive.  Some people cannot handle such warmth from loved ones and that is why they will retreat. 

In my experience, it is best to allow the well wishes and true support to penetrate the fear.  Love will always wash away the negative influences.  We can be our own harshest critic.  And sometimes it is the amount of self-talk that will exhaust us.

Those who are lucky enough to possess a number of pals who will give positive inspiration should take heart.  As these very people will offer aid in the tough times.  The more that is shared, the better the chance of moving forward.  Whether we know it or like it, keeping things in, is never conducive to a healthy life.  We may want to remain silent.  Suffering along the way.  And not being a burden to others.  These notions while unselfish do more harm to an individual than letting it all out.

It may take some courage to open one’s heart and soul by allowing others to give succour.  It is well worth it though.  Upstanding companions will always be there for one another.  Giving them the opportunity to present solace is a positive for them as much as it is for you.  We are all here to make each other’s lives better.   Giver or receiver, in this chain of events, all will benefit from a network of friends.

Signs From The Universe

It may take time and practise to recognize these signs.  They are always there.  Whether in the form of symbols or familiar names of people which have meaning, they come into one’s life seemingly at random intervals.  Yet, when such indicators reveal themselves they must be acted upon.

If unaware, they can be missed then the opportunities for achieving are lost.  This does not have to be permanent.  As, once things are meant to be, there will be other chances to forge ahead and follow the path meant.

Destiny has a way of finding those who seek it.  The key is, one must make the effort.  It matters not, how long it may take nor which road one treads.  The inevitable outcome will result.  All will be unearthed when the simplest steps are heeded to begin a life’s journey.

It may be relationships or careers that steer the course, whatever choice is made, it should be followed to its logical conclusion.

No one is immune to the ongoing trials of life.  So, even while pursuing what one believes is their future, unforeseen circumstances may get in the way.  This can be seen as a universal sign and may lead one off on a different path.  It is up to the individual whether or not they choose to be diverted.  It may direct one to something better or merely add time onto the original destination.  Either way there is value in the experience.

Every avenue one takes can be a learning adventure and that is never a bad thing.  Knowledge gained will always hold merit.  One never knows when or how that education can be used at a later date or time.

The universe has a strange way of aligning contingency plans in order for a person to obey.  Acting on these is paramount!  Take a chance, never allow fear or uncertainty to stop you from seeking a goal that is there for the taking.

Watch for the signs!