A Better Solution

Making mistakes is the most human of acts.  No one likes to look foolish and that is why it can be so difficult to admit to the inevitable slip-ups.  Perfection is a non-issue or should be, as there is no such thing as flawlessness.  Yes, sometimes the stars align and everything falls into place, more often than not there is room for improvement.

The trick is to find satisfaction in doing one’s best.  In reality it is all that can be expected.  There are some who will seek out the tiniest of blunders and harp on those until all the positivity is destroyed.  I know this to be true as there is a side of me that has gone down this road.  It is a sad and lonely existence.  

On the other hand, perfection can be just as annoying.  I have never met an individual without defects but I am sure there are many who believe themselves to be so.  I cannot think of anything more boring.  Our faults are what make life interesting for others and ourselves.  They should be embraced.

That does not mean, if one is breaking the law and deliberately hurting another we should praise them for that kind of foible.  I am speaking of our naggin traits like stubbornness, arrogance or forgetfulness.  These are learned behaviours that niggle rather than cause physical harm.  We all know people who exhibit these mannerisms (may be closer than we want to admit) and finding anyone who overlooks the nonsense, will be the start of a true friendship.

Being lenient towards our fellow humans will allow one the freedom to be wrong.  It might seem strange to say, but this is a good thing.  Making mistakes will force us to find a better solution and give us the motivation to grow.  Knowledge and learning can only expand through the trail and error phase of life.  Yes, we can learn from other people’s experience but there is nothing like your  own mistakes to hammer home the lesson.

To err is human, to be a better person is to learn from those errors.


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