Suspicious Minds

There is a part of all humans that distrusts.  It could be directed at strangers but more likely affects those closest to us.  This hard truth manifests after one has been let down by those nearest and dearest to them.  It happens.  We cannot please everyone.  Not even ourselves.

It may be healthy to be cautious and not simply allow blind faith to run amok.  A bad experience may just change everything.  One can go from a trusting individual to a person full of doubts.  Being sceptical of everyone and everything.  This is an extreme that does not need to be reached.  Easy to say, hard to do when your judgements have come into question.

The sad fact is, once you lose confidence in your ability to ascertain fact from fiction, it effects all areas of your life.  Suddenly, nothing is believed and all ideas and notions are dealt with apprehensively.  This, of course, can lead to a road down ‘negative mindset alley’.  This does not have to become the end result as due diligence can be meted out by observing one’s thoughts.  This will culminate in choosing constructive ways and means that can be better utilized.

For those less self aware, it can turn disasterous rather quickly.  Mistrust and uncertainty might lead to bad feelings or vice versa.  Finding that a person in position of trust has betrayed one may well create the ill feeling of suspicion.  No one likes to think they have fallen into this category with a friend or relative.  It occurs more often than one might think.

Allowing such damaging thoughts to permeate one’s very being will bring forth a degree of deep-seated resentments.  This will alter a person’s nature and not for the better.

Watching it take place in another can be heart wrenching.  When an otherwise unsuspecting person permits fear and suspicion into their minds, it will cause them to be less friendly and they will put up walls.  Never conducive to a peaceful existence.

Having a hypercritical view may aid in the avoidance of pain but it also disallows love to reign.  Be cautious, if needs must, but never let that turn into outright shady dealings.  It should never get that far.  Finding a happy medium and knowing love can conquer any nefarious misdeeds will help one’s confidence level.

Love over suspicions wins every time.


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