Grateful For All

Did you know that the people who donate the most, have the most?  And did you know that that does not necessarily refer to money?  It may be the first image that pops into your head because the Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s of this world have more than enough to share for some countries, never mind people.  

So, of course, they can afford to part with a million or two.  While this is correct regarding monetary success, the theory holds true for every aspect of all living souls.  If money is what you have in abundance, by all means dispense that.  If you have a profusion of certain attributes this is where you should consider freely bestowing those gifts.  It could be a sense of humour, your ability to cook, perhaps it may be an art form?  Sharing these parts of one’s life with those who lack in the area, becomes a blessing for everyone.
Giving from the heart is far more meaningful than all the money that both Gates and Buffet possess.  Yes, we all would love to be as wealthy as they are but all their money does not guarantee happiness.  Nor does it testify to one’s misery.  The state is our minds is a total separate entity that can and will stand on it’s own.  Excessive funds will never change a wretched person into someone with an neverending sunny disposition.  That must come from within and be in place when wealth shows up.

Most people desperately want to prove this theory a fallacy.  They soon learn just how true it is.  There is an art to being happy.  It takes practise.  

Blocking out all anguish and misfortune which one is battered with via the media, family, or well-meaning friends can be laborious.  Confronting such disagreeableness may only create more of it.  Let it go.

Give out more love, happiness and kindness and watch how life improves.  All the good will never suppress the bad in the world but it shall not contribute to it either.  This, alone, will stand one in good stead.

If you believe in karma or the Golden Rule, it starts with you.  To obtain peace, send out serenity.  To acquire riches, give wisely and freely.  To recieve the kind of love you want, grant that affection without prejudice to all you come in contact with.  Give openly, expect nothing in return but be grateful for all.


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