Mutiny Of The Bounty

The use of words that continually run through our minds on a regular basis has much to do with the abundance one attracts in life.  This is not new.  Experts have been proclaiming such ideas for decades.  Yet, do most of us heed the wise counsel?  As a person who is right into this stuff, my answer would be a resounding, ‘No!’

How and why, is it that the act of watching what we say gets ignored so vigorously?  It may have something to do with the fact that because of the constant chatter, that is our self-talk, it is difficult to distinguish words and phrases as being negative.  Out of anyone else’s mouth we would label it ‘counter-productive’ and see it for what it was.  Using our own voice (or inner voice) renders our usual good judgement obsolete.

Simple words like ‘I don’t have . . .’ or ‘I can’t afford . . .’ may be the truth but speaking or thinking them makes the statements 100 times more powerful.  Therefore, not only ‘do you not have . . .’ or ‘can you not afford . . .’, you never will be able to ‘have’ or ‘afford’ the things you truly want.  The reason for this is, you are subconsciously sending that very message to the brain.

Despite the fact, it is an honest depiction you are condemning yourself to repeat these very outcomes.  Does that mean, one must lie to themselves and claim the opposite is true?  No.  To do that will solve nothing.  We all inherently know the truth and when we run afoul of it.  The solution must be in choosing more accurate terminology.

It is never the huge aspects of a life that do the most damage.  Our everyday, lazy habits are what sabotage the good we can do for ourselves and others.

So, instead of rebelling against the abundance that is rightly yours, watch your words and use the language of bounty.  No mutinies!


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