Peace and Goodwill

The hardest act when facing hostility is to return it with kindness.  If someone is berating you it would be so easy to ‘give as good as you get’.  Or worse, turn around and spread the negativity to others.  This is how and why wars start.  ‘You hurt me, I’ll you hurt or someone else’.  It is never conducive to a peace loving society.

On the other hand, punishment must be meted out to those who willfully defy the law.  If everyone were honourable we would not need such rules and regulations.  This will never happen in our diverse communities.  The many different cultures which inhabit this earth all have their own unique sets of acceptable behaviour.  This can be polar opposite to each other.  Does it make one civilization right and the other wrong?

Of course not.  Life throws us many curves.  Some of them are of our own making despite the fact we advocate harmony.  No one is immune to bad decisions and how they effects yourself and others.

The fact is, that when people are not happy within themselves they begin to create havoc for everyone around them.  These souls are truly unhappy and need understanding, kindness and shown that there is a better way.  As much as it goes against the grain to remain calm, that is exactly what must be done.

Beam as much love into these troubled folks.  The benefits of this response will ripple outwards leading to good, old-fashioned peace and goodwill to all.  We all need that.


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