Get Moving

They say, movement of any kind gets the creative juices flowing.  That is why if one ever gets stuck or blocked the best solution is to go for a walk.  The whys and wherefores do not matter so much as finding a resolution.  Having trouble creating can make life unbearable.  If it continues for any length of time, stress and worry may become the norm.  This is never conducive to a productive life.

We all need an outlet towards being constructive.  Each one of us has our own unique path which we must follow.  And in doing so, the creative process can become clogged with every day routine.  It may be that this will stunt forward progress.  Leading to blame and recriminations.  Finding the correct activity which will propel one out of the doldrums and into production again will be as easy (or hard) as the individual chooses.

Allowing physical movements to help with creative endeavours will only increase the amount of work that will get done.  It may seem like a strange thing to have to endure.  And pushing through with the exertion might feel like a lame excuse for getting a bit of exercise at the expense of your working environment.  The end results will speak for itself.

Denying any connection between creativity and motion will only end up hindering achievements.  Labelling the fact, ‘psychological mumbo jumbo’ may make one feel superior but that will not help to make any headway.  Seeing the situation for what it is, and attempting all solutions with a free and open attitude is always the quickest way to a positive response.

If walking is not your thing and you would rather take a bike ride, or go for a run, by all means participate in any activity which best suits.  There is no hard and fast rule one must follow in order to find whatever it is they are looking for.

No one enjoys struggling.  Yet, we all endure it at some time in our lives.  Reminding our fellow humans that there is an answer and aiding them in regaining their creativity will reflect well on each of us.  When all is said and done, helping others is the true meaning of removing our own blocks.  Move towards that.


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