Nothing Wasted

Throughout a life one has many dreams and desires.  Some will be fulfilled. While others will remain nothing more than passing fancies.  One can spend years following a path only to find that it is not the road they want to be on.  A complete turn around may be in store and moving on to something totally different or another avenue of similar scope is taken.

Finding our way in life is a journey we all make.  Whether aware of it, or not, we make choices that best suit where we want to go at the time.  Usually, it is when we are young.  But this goes on for the whole of life.  There is no reason older persons cannot attempt new experiences and see a vision through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Having said this, it is entirely possible to continually chase a number of diverse goals.  We are all complex human beings and not everyone can stick to one particular aim.  We change as we grow and that can lead to our expectations being altered, directing the pursuit of new paths towards unexplored adventures.

Sometimes, even this will shepherd us on a rare offshoot, ushering in some other goal.  As there is no age limit on what one loves to do, following each avenue will eventually lead to an acceptable outcome.  Either contentment or the realization that one of the other loves must now be engaged.

It is not a failure to realize you no longer want what you set out to get.  And changing tactics mid-stream may be the right decision for the present moment.  Having varied interests can lead to a full life.  This is never a mistake.  And it, actually, serves one later in life.  To have intelligence in many different areas can be a windfall.

It will culminate when one’s true purpose is revealed.  You find that all material that has been taken in gets used.  It will feel as if the universe knew you would need the wisdom of the eclectic subjects in order to see your life mission come true.

Learn all you can, from as many people as you can, in all subjects that appeal.  You never know what may come in handy at a later date.  Knowledge is never wasted.


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