The courage to carry on and get what you want in life can come when least expected.  One can read all the books, listen to a number of proponents on successful living and attend seminars.  Nothing will work until the mind has been cleared of the crap that blocks all forward motion.

Unless living the dream, every one has something that stops them from accomplishing all that is desired.  Most of the time it is learned ‘bad’ behaviour.  As such we can unlearn it.  Or better yet, re-educate ourselves to think in the proper, success-building, manner which is a more natural state to be in.  Yet, because we have spent so long in the negativity gutter it will feel extremely uncomfortable to go back to expecting positive outcomes.

Be bold enough to use the pertinent words and phrases which will drive the spirit forward despite the fact this may rankle. The only reason for the discomfort is that we have become content to lesser expectations.  We are immune to pushing the envelope even if it is back towards our instinctive victorious position.  

Moving in this direction will not sit well for the majority of people.  There is a whiff of failure about returning to a starting point.  This will be different: as the individuals will have been altered.  All the experiences we have endured over the course of a lifetime amalgamates into the newest version of ourselves.  So ‘returning’ is a bit of a misnomer.  

Getting back the part which is needed to grow can not erase all that has been learned along the way.  This, essentially, follows that we are different today from yesterday.  And, conversely, who we will become tomorrow.

All this is to convince one that it is possible to reorganize the mind to receive the much needed progress that will allow a shift to ‘right’ thinking and resulting with a positive outlook.

The change may come gradually.  So much so, one is surprised by the beneficial thoughts.  In turn, there will be an assured confidence that all will be well.  This is not simply positive thinking.  There will be a calm serenity which will pervade throughout life.  Confusing others along the way yet you will recognize the change.

You can succeed.  On your own terms.  Doing what you love.  Break free from the riffraff and soar.


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