Moving Foward

There is only one way to grow and advance in this world and that is to push beyond the limits you think you are capable of.  Moving forward towards a desired outcome takes a great deal of courage.  Some people can do so without fear and trepidation.  Others are stymied by the very thoughts of having to lay it all on the line.

Experience shows it is best to inhale deeply and take that first step.  It may feel like a giant leap of faith, in the moment, but so did the steps one took as a baby learning to walk.  We, all, must see new endeavours as opportunities to better ourselves and others.

Yes, there will be mistakes as nothing will come off perfectly.  There is no such thing as perfection.  It is best to keep a sense of humour about any task.  Screw-ups will occur and can be highly amusing.  Allow yourself the freedom to learn and grow while finding a way to enjoy the journey.

While taking that next step may be filled with dread, it is best to, metaphorically, back yourself into a corner.  You have an idea and you follow it.  Telling yourself at each stage, ‘you are not going through with it’.  Simply gathering information.  Before you know it, you are right in the midst of pulling off a dream.  This is when life gets exciting.  

Any fears are put aside as the realization hits, you are doing what you were meant to do.  A calm reserve takes over because all you have worked for is about to come to fruition.  Days, months, years and even decades of preparation kicks in without much effort and there is a quiet confidence that all will be well.

Is this what it means to live one’s purpose?  Perhaps.  Taking the tiniest steps towards accomplishing your dream will bring about the momentum to see it through. Keep moving forward.


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