Mystery Of Success

Some things are best left enigmatic.  Have you ever had the experience where something you are connected to becomes extremely popular?  And, for the life of you, you do not know why.  Riding the wave of success can feel strange as others cannot get enough of the project at hand.

If curious enough, analysis can be undertaken.  But do this at your own risk.  Overthinking can actually do more harm than good.  To know the ins and outs of everything may just change the parameters.  So much so, that your contribution becomes altered simply because of the fact you are aware of aspects that you were not cognizant of before.

Often, it is better not to know why the outcome is in demand.  The details may confuse the situation and bring about unnesscessary changes.  Going with the flow may allow for the success to continue.

This is a strange phenomenon as we are encouraged to plan out every last detail towards our goals.  Any triumphs should come about as the result of hard work.  The effort must be put forth.  To be a part of a popular endeavour without knowing why, feels somehow wrong.

Again brooding on the matter will kill the magic that is taking place.  Instead of getting to the bottom of things, it is far more productive to just let it be.  Accept the accolades despite any lack of insight.

No one ever really knows why some things work and others do not.  This is a mystery that should remain.  People will try to convince you that there is a formula to success.  And to a point, there are steps that can be taken.

The accumulated toil one puts into a project may not seem like much but is the very reason the end result appears effortless.  Never fight these opportunities as they are miracles.  Best to take it all in while not questioning the why’s and wherefores.  Embrace the good which comes your way.  You never know when such luck will reappear.


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