Pure Love

It takes a special kind of person to put themselves on the line and share the love.  Whether this manifests within the confines of face to face meetings or by unorthodox methods such as over the Internet.  Being open enough to allow a warm affection between yourself and another can be nerve-racking.  Especially when there is no expectation of any sort of physical intimacy.  The giving of pure and simple fondness for our fellow human beings can be misconstrued, as people want to read more into such tenderness.  It is as if humans cannot separate the bodily act of love from the honest emotions one can feel for another.

Families experience these sentiments all the time.  Yet, remove the bloodline and strangers expect more.  The love of pets is uncomplicated and chaste making for an enjoyable relationship all around.  That is not to say that love on the deepest level does not have its place.  Of course it does.  Until we humans learn to allow such innocent dispositions to exist without confusing entanglements, we will continue to struggle with harsher emotions.

Envy, jealousy and hate will all come into play if unadulterated admiration is not allowed to occur.  Wanting what is best for another is the most untainted form of esteem for humankind.  Permitting others the freedom to be who they are without attempting to change them is the highest compliment one can bestow.  It takes courage to grant such liberty.

Often, people believe they are missing out on something and will hold on tightly to those nearest and dearest to them, out of a false sense of fear and trepidation.  This is a huge mistake.  The best way to show love is to offer total unrestraint.

We, all, must choose for ourselves the paths with which we will travel.  By all means, love the people, who you form instant bonds with.  This can be easy.  It is more difficult to dispense the same leeway to those one finds demanding.  Do it anyway.

Love, for its own sake, brings such joy and goodness into the world.  It will be what saves us all.


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