Most know the acronym ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.  This is the best choice on how to live the bulk of a life.  Complications can be carefully avoided and the easiest route to any destination will always be taken.  Despite the fact that problems usually result in growth, it does not mean an uncomplicated existence cannot be endured.  Any problems can have simple solutions.

The degree to which difficulties arise may well be attributed to how much one can handle said thorny situations.  Some people can withstand traumatic experiences and come through them relatively unscathed.  While others fall apart at the simplest of glitches.

Everyone has their own comfort zone and the wherewithal to handle the troubling circumstances which may crop up.  It takes a certianty amount of flexibility to deliberately remain calm in order to find elemental resolutions.  This comes with practise. Like everything else, keeping things simple is learned behaviour.  So, while panic may make the majority of people act in highly unfavourable ways, a gentle reminder about rudimentary ideas and how one can cope, will go a long way.

There are people in this world who thrive on blowing relatively simple problems into all-out traumas.  I believe they are called, ‘Drama Queens’.  Despite the feminine connotations, it is not always the female of the species who has a hard time remaining calm.  Complicating the ordinary can be enacted by anyone.  These people must be avoided if possible.  No one needs things to be harder than they already are in life.

If you find someone who can make any situation a breeze, hang on to them.  It is a rare breed.  Anyone who makes the lives of those around them less complicated must be praised to the hilt.

Keeping things simple will bring forth peace of mind.  Offering that to others will rebound like a Karmic catapult.  Spread ease, comfort and tranquility throughout the day so all can benefit.


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