A Fresh Start

Henri Matisse said, ‘Creativty takes courage’ and how right he was.  An artist, of any kind, will toil and construct a piece of work from the visions in their minds.  As if that prospect were not daunting enough, it can be a perilous journey from idea to finished project.  Once the piece is complete, it must now be shared with the rest of the world.  This is where the bravery comes in.

Putting one’s heart and soul into something and then placing it out there for judgements and criticisms can be a recipe for disaster.  Artists, like everyone else, want to be admired and by its very nature, art is subjective.  There is no possible way to please everyone.  Knowing this, the creative types continue to slog away at their craft and set it in plain sight for all to form opinions.

Sometimes, the work itself, is a struggle.  A piece is worked on for days, weeks, even months and through no fault of their own an accident renders it ruined.  This can frustrate even the most patient of saints.  There are two choices when the unexpected occurs, one can either throw the whole piece out and start over again or salvage what they can and attempt to make something out of what is left.  

The harder of the choices is the latter.  Simply because the original vision must be put aside in order to allow this new creation the flourish.

Not everyone has the fortitude it takes for such an endeavour.  The initial idea cannot always be discarded so easily.  In which case, a fresh start may be the only option.  Although, beginning again brings with it a whole new set of hazards.

Opening up to that fearless part of us allows for a ‘original venture’ mentality that might, otherwise, be stifled and buried under the strain of unforeseen circumstances.

Take heart artists.  You can all find the courage to begin anew.  It is in the love of your craft.


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