Love Conquers Evil

Another display of evil in this world.  And with each new round of hate-filled actions the word that keeps popping into my head is LOVE.  These people who continually fight for causes whose sole agenda is to harm others, obviously, are sorely lacking in the sentiment.  It goes against the grain, but these poor souls need more love thrown at them than normal people.

Love, by its very nature, brings forth such warm feelings for our fellow humans that inflicting injury to others is never an option.  Therefore, these cells of evil must not know what it is to love or be loved.  That is sad.  And the lawless ones who are killed, whether self-perpetuated or in an attempt to flee their heinous crimes, will never know love.

Most of us understand this warm affection from infancy and can spend a lifetime caring and sharing.  Even some whose family lives have been full of trauma and destruction have an innate sense that there is a better method to live a fulfilled life.

Now, evidently, these felons believe they have been wronged in some way.  We can, all have elements of such thoughts.  The choices we make to right those wrongs is what labels us either civilized human beings or barbarians.  Hiding behind religious cults is far easier than facing up to the fact one has opted to be a mass murderer.

Showing compassion to the wretched population of criminals does not mean they should go unpunished.  Far from it.  The penalty should fit the crime.  What I purpose, is to show them, by example, that there is a finer avenue to take.  Remaining a good person despite experiencing horrific pain at the hands of another will allow for the message of an undaunted spirit.  Even the dispossessed cannot fight against such valour.

It may take some time for evil-doers to comprehend the damage they have caused to their victims and their families but throughout the history of this fine planet of ours, love has always conquered evil.  There is no reason that will not continue.


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