Take Nothing Personally


Did you know the hardest part about putting yourself on the line for your beliefs is the harsh criticism that will inevitably come hurtling at you.  It may be unintentionally harmful.  Or not.  Often honest reviews can sting.  Going against popular beliefs can bring a plethora of snide remarks, bordering on intolerance.  (Usually, from those who advocate tolerance for all.)

Yet, to conform for the sake of fitting in is a false dichotomy.  There will be no peace for those who pretend to believe one theory when their mind screams ‘wrong!’.  Living this double standard will only lead to heartbreak and inner turmoil.  It is far better to stick to what one deems to be true.  Even if mistaken.

In the age of political correctness it becomes harder to remain true to one’s beliefs.  As there is much wrong with the ideals of the general populace.  To admit such diverse views may well bring about exile.  It could be that one becomes a social outcast.  This is the height of torture for the youth of today.

Giving in to generalized standards is far easier than fighting for a belief.  There is a movement towards convincing anyone, who thinks differently, to take on the tenets of the loudest group.  Individual thought is frowned upon.  No matter that you are not out to do any harm.  Disagree with a lifestyle or popular view and risk public humiliation.  I ask you, is this the type of bullying one has to endure for an honest belief?

Whether there is agreement or not, about any number of topics, it behooves everyone to allow the person with the polar opposite view, the right to choose their ideas.  No need to convince anyone to come to the socially acceptable way of thinking.

A person who is steadfast in their beliefs can respect another’s way of thinking.  It does no damage to be different.  Never take these disagreements personally.


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