The courage to carry on and get what you want in life can come when least expected.  One can read all the books, listen to a number of proponents on successful living and attend seminars.  Nothing will work until the mind has been cleared of the crap that blocks all forward motion.

Unless living the dream, every one has something that stops them from accomplishing all that is desired.  Most of the time it is learned ‘bad’ behaviour.  As such we can unlearn it.  Or better yet, re-educate ourselves to think in the proper, success-building, manner which is a more natural state to be in.  Yet, because we have spent so long in the negativity gutter it will feel extremely uncomfortable to go back to expecting positive outcomes.

Be bold enough to use the pertinent words and phrases which will drive the spirit forward despite the fact this may rankle. The only reason for the discomfort is that we have become content to lesser expectations.  We are immune to pushing the envelope even if it is back towards our instinctive victorious position.  

Moving in this direction will not sit well for the majority of people.  There is a whiff of failure about returning to a starting point.  This will be different: as the individuals will have been altered.  All the experiences we have endured over the course of a lifetime amalgamates into the newest version of ourselves.  So ‘returning’ is a bit of a misnomer.  

Getting back the part which is needed to grow can not erase all that has been learned along the way.  This, essentially, follows that we are different today from yesterday.  And, conversely, who we will become tomorrow.

All this is to convince one that it is possible to reorganize the mind to receive the much needed progress that will allow a shift to ‘right’ thinking and resulting with a positive outlook.

The change may come gradually.  So much so, one is surprised by the beneficial thoughts.  In turn, there will be an assured confidence that all will be well.  This is not simply positive thinking.  There will be a calm serenity which will pervade throughout life.  Confusing others along the way yet you will recognize the change.

You can succeed.  On your own terms.  Doing what you love.  Break free from the riffraff and soar.


Moving Foward

There is only one way to grow and advance in this world and that is to push beyond the limits you think you are capable of.  Moving forward towards a desired outcome takes a great deal of courage.  Some people can do so without fear and trepidation.  Others are stymied by the very thoughts of having to lay it all on the line.

Experience shows it is best to inhale deeply and take that first step.  It may feel like a giant leap of faith, in the moment, but so did the steps one took as a baby learning to walk.  We, all, must see new endeavours as opportunities to better ourselves and others.

Yes, there will be mistakes as nothing will come off perfectly.  There is no such thing as perfection.  It is best to keep a sense of humour about any task.  Screw-ups will occur and can be highly amusing.  Allow yourself the freedom to learn and grow while finding a way to enjoy the journey.

While taking that next step may be filled with dread, it is best to, metaphorically, back yourself into a corner.  You have an idea and you follow it.  Telling yourself at each stage, ‘you are not going through with it’.  Simply gathering information.  Before you know it, you are right in the midst of pulling off a dream.  This is when life gets exciting.  

Any fears are put aside as the realization hits, you are doing what you were meant to do.  A calm reserve takes over because all you have worked for is about to come to fruition.  Days, months, years and even decades of preparation kicks in without much effort and there is a quiet confidence that all will be well.

Is this what it means to live one’s purpose?  Perhaps.  Taking the tiniest steps towards accomplishing your dream will bring about the momentum to see it through. Keep moving forward.

Mystery Of Success

Some things are best left enigmatic.  Have you ever had the experience where something you are connected to becomes extremely popular?  And, for the life of you, you do not know why.  Riding the wave of success can feel strange as others cannot get enough of the project at hand.

If curious enough, analysis can be undertaken.  But do this at your own risk.  Overthinking can actually do more harm than good.  To know the ins and outs of everything may just change the parameters.  So much so, that your contribution becomes altered simply because of the fact you are aware of aspects that you were not cognizant of before.

Often, it is better not to know why the outcome is in demand.  The details may confuse the situation and bring about unnesscessary changes.  Going with the flow may allow for the success to continue.

This is a strange phenomenon as we are encouraged to plan out every last detail towards our goals.  Any triumphs should come about as the result of hard work.  The effort must be put forth.  To be a part of a popular endeavour without knowing why, feels somehow wrong.

Again brooding on the matter will kill the magic that is taking place.  Instead of getting to the bottom of things, it is far more productive to just let it be.  Accept the accolades despite any lack of insight.

No one ever really knows why some things work and others do not.  This is a mystery that should remain.  People will try to convince you that there is a formula to success.  And to a point, there are steps that can be taken.

The accumulated toil one puts into a project may not seem like much but is the very reason the end result appears effortless.  Never fight these opportunities as they are miracles.  Best to take it all in while not questioning the why’s and wherefores.  Embrace the good which comes your way.  You never know when such luck will reappear.

Pure Love

It takes a special kind of person to put themselves on the line and share the love.  Whether this manifests within the confines of face to face meetings or by unorthodox methods such as over the Internet.  Being open enough to allow a warm affection between yourself and another can be nerve-racking.  Especially when there is no expectation of any sort of physical intimacy.  The giving of pure and simple fondness for our fellow human beings can be misconstrued, as people want to read more into such tenderness.  It is as if humans cannot separate the bodily act of love from the honest emotions one can feel for another.

Families experience these sentiments all the time.  Yet, remove the bloodline and strangers expect more.  The love of pets is uncomplicated and chaste making for an enjoyable relationship all around.  That is not to say that love on the deepest level does not have its place.  Of course it does.  Until we humans learn to allow such innocent dispositions to exist without confusing entanglements, we will continue to struggle with harsher emotions.

Envy, jealousy and hate will all come into play if unadulterated admiration is not allowed to occur.  Wanting what is best for another is the most untainted form of esteem for humankind.  Permitting others the freedom to be who they are without attempting to change them is the highest compliment one can bestow.  It takes courage to grant such liberty.

Often, people believe they are missing out on something and will hold on tightly to those nearest and dearest to them, out of a false sense of fear and trepidation.  This is a huge mistake.  The best way to show love is to offer total unrestraint.

We, all, must choose for ourselves the paths with which we will travel.  By all means, love the people, who you form instant bonds with.  This can be easy.  It is more difficult to dispense the same leeway to those one finds demanding.  Do it anyway.

Love, for its own sake, brings such joy and goodness into the world.  It will be what saves us all.

Moving On

A strange thing happened recently.  Feeling out of sorts from a miscalculated error that I had foolishly participated in, I held my hand up for full responsibility of the blunder.  Despite the fact, I apologized for the incident, it continued to play on my mind.  I ran through the events over and over.  In effect, kicking myself continually for such idiotic behaviour.

While I went about my day, doing routine things there was no thoughts whatsoever about the vibrations I was emitting.  The day ended in an argument with a stranger.

Hostility abounded for no apparent reason.  While the unknown person continued their tirade, my response was not to retaliate.  Usually, this sort of encounter would have played on my mind as much as the earlier experience.  Yet, realizing the person’s actions and behaviour had everything to do with them and nothing to do with me allowed for a calming effect.

It did give me pause to reflect upon whether my earlier conduct had participated these negative vibes outwardly, inviting in the dissenting episode.  Yet, despite the fact, I may have been reverberating on a objectionable level, I was unprepared to pass on such antagonism.  Unlike this other person.

I, also, came to the conclusion that to keep going over the slip-up I had made, was not very productive.  It happened.  I apologized.  Time to let go.  Next time I will not be so quick to take the cheap and easy way to an end.  Using my brain for a better, more thoughtful result will be my future.

Lesson learned.  Move on.  I only hope the other person found such solace.

Road To Success

There is nothing more satisfying than living a life where every facet is aligned.  Without effort one thinks, acts and speaks the same truth.  No matter the obstacles that everyday circumstances may throw your way.  All is harmonious.  The compatibility between what is known and what is done becomes so ingrained in one’s natural responses that there is no second guessing of motives.

Doubt can be extremely harmful to the equilibrium of a life.  It should be avoided at all costs.  Not that one should run away.  Uncertainties should always be faced.  Boldly rid yourself of such conflicting outlooks for the benefit of balance.  Knowing what one wants and having a plan to follow is a big step forward in being congruent.  Inner convictions will guide and direct all thoughts that clearly express these ideas.  To anchor that into the psyche will trigger the automatic responses leading to actions in accordance.

One does not have to remain rigid in their approach to orderliness.  Holding on to one’s principles steadfastly will offer positive results.  Yet, being flexible in the execution may break up the monotony of such unyielding, strenuous focus.  Yes, it is okay to have fun while journeying to your future.

To find happiness, is to alleviate struggle, disappointment and emotional turmoil.  All these can besiege our lives no matter how consistent we believe we are.  The difference is, knowing the final outcome renders all incongruencies managable.  If one avenue is closed off; another way will take its place.

Single-mindedness has a good deal to do with the fulfillment of any project.  Remaining open to fresh ideas along each stage will lead to the ultimate culmination.  Allow every fibre of your being to radiate triumph and love.  You shall happily find the road to your success.

The Gift Of Fun : A Personal Tale

Been thinking about a project that I may or may not do.  While deciding, I have had to learn some new skills in order to bring it to a point of preparedness.  Venturing into new territory is ridden with anxiety.  Can I pull it off?  Will anyone else be interested in the idea?  These are all questions that are surfacing while sorting through the steps that must be taken to share this event with others.

No one else can decide whether to go through with the project.  It is up to me to make the choice.  In doing so, some trusted friends have been canvased for their opinion.  This can be nerve racking.  Simply because the feedback may tip the balance when coming to a conclusion.

Knowing these kind people, it is almost guaranteed that they will encourage moving forward.  This prospect scares the crap out of me.  It is far easier to talk oneself out of going through with it.  To involve others means taking a step closer to putting the idea out there.  That is frightening.

Boldly moving out of the comfort zone is exciting.  By sharing this project, some much needed entertainment will be doled out.  Not just for me but for those who choose to participate.  This is a shift in thinking and the main focus now becomes, ‘how can I make it even more fun for them?’  When looking at it from this angle, I want to complete the project.  There is a willing desire to give the gift of fun to anyone who wants to play along.

Still, there is a part of me that wants to hold back.  Probably, the scared little kid, we all have inside of us who just wants to be liked.  Yet, the idea has potential to bring joy to all involved.  Do I do it?  Or don’t I?  We shall see.  For the sake of ‘fun for all’, pretty sure the answer will be a resounding, ‘yes’.