This is a subject that can be tricky.  Confidence is another’s ability to come through takes a special kind of courage.  It may leave one open to betrayal, disloyalty, and painful chicanery.  And when those things occur it has the potential to destroy another’s soul.  And if the hurt is deep enough, some may never recover.

Luckily, that does not happen often.  Most people are cognizant of how fragile we all are when it comes to the faith we place in someone else.  No one consciously hurts another, if they can help it.  With this being the case, doing our best to keep all promises and expectations are the normal solutions.

If one’s belief in another is rocked, for whatever the reason, can it be repaired?  As I said, the betrayal alone will shut down emotions that may be hard pressed to reappear.  Rebuilding that certainty could take a long time to regain.  That is not to say it cannot be done.  With much work, plenty of love and understanding, it can be restored.

It is best for all concerned, if that assuredness is not broken in the first place.  Being open and honest will never devastate another.  When the trust is shattered between two or more persons there is such a loss on multiple levels.  It may seem as if the only thing that is misplaced is a conviction that the other person has failed to uphold but it can and does go much deeper than that.  

Questions arise about how misunderstandings occurred and where it all went wrong.  Second guessing oneself is bound to follow such events for the simple reason that someone else has made a fool of you.  This is never a good place to be.  It happens.  At some time, we have all put our reliance upon someone or something only to be greatly disappointed.  

It is better to put that trust in another and possibly get hurt than it is to shut off and never allow a faithful friend the opportunity to step up and do the right thing.

It may sting at times but success will follow the few who can be counted on.


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