Laugh At Yourself

The ability to find humour in unique views is becoming more and more rare.  We all have quirky practises and notions that are, to say the least, not in the realm of normal.  It is nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, because all of us have such perculiar traits the reasons to chuckle at them is tenfold.

Unfortunately, popular opinions demand we all be the same and uniqueness is frowned upon.  Tow the line and be like everyone else is encouraged.  I say, ‘stuff that!’  We should take pride in our differences.  And the more silly we are as individuals the greater the admiration should be applauded.  So what if the world thinks one way and you have the total opposite view.  It can be quite comical.

Everyday life has become far too serious.  Yes, a lot of bad crap happens in the world and we have the choice whether to be paralyzed by that reality or seek out the funny side.  There is always another, more humorous, way to see things.  So your parent has dementia (an awful disease) and randomly removes all of their clothing.  Not a sight anyone wants to see, I might add.  But in the scheme of things wrinkles and gravity pulling appendages south can be morbidly funny especially when visitors are expected at any moment.

Now, not everyone shares a sense of humour and that is as it should be.  When that connection is made between two or more people it can lead to joy on a number of levels which in turn makes everything more pleasurable.

To see the foolishness in others is easy.  Finding it in ourselves can get lost in our attempts to project a staid demeanour.  Wanting to be taken seriously overrides the light and airy atmosphere that funny situations will, inevitably, present.  Personally, I find it difficult not to point out ridiculousness whether from others or myself.

Being too solemn will only cause stress and strain which can cause all kinds of health hazards.  Set yourself free and find the humour in your own quirks.  Laugh at yourself and the world will be a better place all around.


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