Small Acts Of Kindness

Dedicated to my Lord and the Duchess (Wrote this a week ago)

Grand gestures are all well and good.  After all who does not appreciate being made a fuss over?  Yet, by their very nature they can only be performed on special occasions.  The tiny deeds that one is subjected to daily are far more significant.  It is these generous offerings that can brighten an otherwise dreary day.

It does not take much effort to be magnanimous towards our fellow workers, friends or human beings in general.  Politeness and consideration will always be respected.  These offerings will, in turn, project outwards.  Soon everyone will be rushing to outdo each other by bestowing grace and good-natured feats.

Showing compassion for the struggles of others will win one many friends.  We all battle hidden discord; within ourselves and towards others.  When another person shows sympathetic understanding, it eliminates some of the issues.  The very act of kindness will warm the heart of the harshest skeptism.  This is especially true when there is no presumption of reciprocation.

True, honest, thoughtful friendship will be met with suspicion these days.  Popular opinion being, one does not do anything for another without expecting their pound of flesh.  I can assure you, there are still people in this world who will happily give aid to others and do so for the sheer love of giving.

Some of you, may be thinking ‘suckers’ but I will have you know that unconditional submission tends to win over more and better people whose lives one touches.  A great deal of joy comes from delivering the kind acts.  Showing another empathy raises our own levels of benevolence thereby rendering our hearts full of love.

If one gets the chance to participate in random acts of kindness, please for your own peace of mind, take part.  Seeing the smiles on those you are helping will fill you with a warm glow.  Everyone can use such tenderhearted affection towards our fellow humans.


One thought on “Small Acts Of Kindness

  1. Thank you so much for dedicating these lovely words to LG & Duchess, we are truly touched by them 🐾❤️


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