What Others Think

This is something we all must learn to maneuver through.  From an early age we are judged.  Be it by our parents, medical professionals or teachers.  It is possible to be bombarded by the opinions of a plethora of family, friends and even strangers.  Such is life.  Coping with these outward views often shapes who we become as individuals.  Roles can be thrust upon us that we may not relish yet end up performing like actors in a play.

The lucky few who rebel against these labels are often thought of as unusual or peculiar.  Simply because they have decided to form their own notions about what is right for them.  It should never be met with disapproval.  If anything, these brave souls must be admired.

Being categorized into a particular box and not allowing anyone to break free from the conformity will stifle the spirit of a single being.  No one wants that; not for themselves nor for their loved ones.  We should all have the freedom to choose the life that best suits us.

Yet, those very choices can be influenced by the perceptions that others have charged us with.  Many times, it serves another to keep one within the confines of those descriptions.  Being earmarked as, whatever label may be given, is difficult to break away from.  It takes a great deal of bravery to throw off the designations and free yourself for a better life.

Sometimes, the impressions one is tagged with are totally untrue.  Yet, because of peer pressure and/or a weak disposition they are taken on board and a long life of sheer hell has begun.  These are the people who need to be fortified with the strength to stand up for themselves.

We can all be provoked by the evaluations of our associates into an existence of lesser value but there will come a time when what other people think of us has no bearing on who we truly are.

This is when knowing our purpose comes to the forefront.  Happiness will not be far behind.  Step up and ignore the views of everyone except what your heart is guiding you towards.  It will never let you down.


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