Comfort Zone

In order to grow, as individuals, we must step outside our comfort zone.  Understanding that fact does not make the effort it takes any easier.  There is nothing more scary than having to face fears or conquer apprehensions.  Yet, for dreams to come to fruition there will always be some endeavour fraught with trepidation that must be surmounted.

For every goal that has been set, there are numerous actions one must accomplish.  This, in turn, will lead to the next hurdle and the next until the end result is reached.  Every step along the way builds on the previous one.  And with each completed phase an inner strength compounds, adding muscle on muscle.  Confidence in one’s ability grows exponentially and soon the old terrors are nothing more than minor annoyances.

Every degree of difficulty that is surpassed sends a message of assurance to the brain that the final outcome is possible.  Taking time to become relaxed with each development should never be rushed.  It will take as long as it takes.  Everyone has their own pace for sustainable ease.  Some aspects may be effortlessly navigated as one’s natural abilities take over.  We all have different areas of strengths.

Please, never be discouraged when struggling through a particularly demanding period.  None of us is perfect and all we can do is our best.  It is never a failure so long as knowledge has been gained.

The mettle it takes to push ahead when the mind is screaming to turn and run, has to be honoured.  Giving up can be so easy when afraid.  This, at all costs, has to be triumphed over.  To allow our panicked foreboding free range will stunt any personal growth.  There will be no advancement if this occurs.

In this life, we either expand or deteriorate, there is no room for consistent idleness.  No one desires to wither and die while still breathing.  That only leaves forging ahead.

Take a walk on the wild side and step out of your comfort zone.  You will not regret the improvements it brings about.


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