Courage Of An Artist

Anyone who creates a work of art knows how terrifying it can be to display one’s labour to the public.  Knowing that the chances of someone hating the thing you have put your heart and soul into, is extremely high.  It takes a special kind of person to share their work.  And as this type of toil is often thought of as easy, it can exact a mental toll.

And still, for all the possible heartache, people continue to participate in and share their creative arts.  The fact that rejection becomes a daily occurrence is something the artist is willing to put up with so that they can pursue the medium that holds them enthralled.  To those who do not have such a calling, it would appear to be madness.  Conversely, some would say, to not follow one’s bliss is the height of insanity.

For every creative endeavour is a frightened practitioner of a find art, fighting off the fear and trepidation of the unknown and allowing their work to be judged by whoever wants to do so.

Why would anyone subject themselves to such appraisal?  Especially, conceding there will be harsh critics.  The only answer that makes sense is that the warmth and affection they have for their craft far outweighs any misery they may face.  Chances are there will be good and bad reviews regarding any collection or exhibits.  It stands to reason that there will be as many varied opinions as there are people doing the commentaries.

Showing one’s work takes a great deal of courage.  Despite the lack of fortitude most are inevitably going to experience.  To allow such judgements takes an enormous amount of nerve.  Artists, are not known for their bravery but that is the very characteristic needed to reveal a finished product.  Artists must be admired for such fearlessness.  

Next time you partake of someone’s creative offerings, be kind with your opinions. It could be that thoughtless words will crush the spirit of the creator.  There is no need to lie, or pretend to appreciate every work you see.  Be honest enough to admit that it may be due to your lack of understanding.

Encourage an artist.


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