Be A Giver

To help another with no expectation of rewards or thanks is truly humbling.  The sheer joy of knowing that you can affect someone’s life for the better, leaves a heart full of warmth.  Yes, there are still people in the world who will go out of their way to be of assistance to someone else.  And while this may be difficult for most enterprising people to get their heads around, the benefits are shared equally between giver and receiver.

How is it possible?  The person offering aid cannot conceivably obtain anything worthwhile, they are bestowing the gifts after all.  This might be true if such deeds were judged on a surface level.  Dig deeper and the value that is experienced is priceless.  Feelings of joyful generosity permeate the mind and soul.  Leaving warm regards for our fellow humans.

This makes everything done and said, while interacting with friends and strangers alike, so much more genial.  Brotherly love kicks in almost without effort.  And doing the right thing by others, becomes part of the farbric of our beings.

Helping another is such a powerful quality that it will transform the most ardent egotist into a loving, tender giver.  You may believe that no one is so altruistic.  Which, quite frankly, says more about you then the advocate.  Issuing aid does not have to be thought of as unusually laudable.  It should be the norm.  After all, everyone can use a helping hand from time to time.

The very reason we are on this earth is to help each other.  Whatever knowledge or wisdom one has gained throughout their lives is best utilized by sharing.  Easing another’s pain, whether superficially or on a more in-depth basis, serves everyone involved. 

Never keep what you have mastered to yourself.  The more giving one is, the richer life becomes.  Sharing experiences, good or bad, reminds us that we are in this together.  Joining forces for a brighter future serves everybody.


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