The Power Of Observing

There is a study which praises observation. (Can be seen in the movie ‘What The Bleep: Down The Rabbit Hole) it shows indisputably how the sheer act of watching an event has the power to change the outcome.  It seems strange that such a thing could be true.  Yet, it is a proven fact.

This knowledge can be used in any area of one’s life that needs changing.  Or if there is a desire to transform parts of our personalities.  The easiest way to bring about such reformations is to note what is being done.  Thereby modifying the usual and unwanted behaviour.

The change may not be immediate as a permanent conversion always takes time.  To get the ball rolling watch and learn without judgement.

Standing back and taking stock is not always an easy thing to do.  We can get caught up in the emotions of any situation.  This may render the act of surveying nearly impossible.  So how does one calmly and coolly, without excitement, allow for life to go on?  Simply pay attention to what and how you behave.  First you have to be aware of any and all traits that want altering.  Once that has been established, you must recognize that you are participating in that conduct.  Only then can observation be put into play.

Seeing the repugnant behaviour for what it is can be liberating in itself.  It is not often we identify that we are taking part in unwarranted ways.  That sort of thing comes years later with the benefit of hindsight.  By then it is too late to alter or reflect upon.  Therefore the response remains the same.

This is something that one must do for themselves.  It can not be fobbed off on another.  In order to bring about lasting changes one must be willing to put in the effort.  Not everyone has the courage or the wherewithal to achieve such lofty ambitions.

If you are having a fit of temper step aside and observe why.  If you are angry at a sibling, think about the reasons behind it.  Do not judge.  Neither them nor yourself.  Simply examine the process and soon you will find everything about it has changed.


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