Achieving harmony within one’s life is the ultimate goal for most people.  The big three; body, mind and spirit are the features which are primarily focused on.  The body, for obvious reasons, takes on the first role.  As without one’s health, it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate on anything else.  It would serve us well to pursue a robust lifestyle.  Keeping the body fit and trim will result in a vitality that infuses one with the energy to carry out the next phase.

The mind.  This can be the toughest nut to crack.  There could be decades of harmful thinking that is so ingrained into one’s personality that there is no awareness of it being destructive.  Cleaning out these damaging beliefs can take many years and numerous bouts of therapy.  And we all know, it can be for naught, if we do not really want to change in the first place.  Getting one’s mind to the point of being beneficial for a successful existence may take up a huge amount of time.  It is worth the effort.  As without the proper mindset, the body image will suffer and the spirit will lose heart.

That brings us to the spirit.  This is the one part that gets the most flack for being nonexistent or insignificant.  Do not be fooled by the lack of understanding when it comes to this component.  The spirit encompasses feelings, emotions and our vibrational flow.  All important aspects of a life worth living.  Being in touch with this more ethereal side of ourselves allows for a free flowing of vigorous power to sweep through the body and seep into the mind.  Granting unity and love by infusing the individual with serenity.

The body, mind and spirit interconnect to such an extent that sometimes one thinks they are working on a particular facet only to realize the other two are equally affected.

Working to improve on any area of a life is commendable.  Hitting the trifecta can lead to inner peace.  The poise to remain steady and strong will only become potent with the continual striving for a balanced life.


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