That Empty Feeling

It is possible to have all the success that anyone wants; health, wealth and relationships, and still feel empty.  Material possessions will never replace true happiness.  Having one’s physical health will stand us in good stead and make life brighter.  That does not mean the mind will sustain a high level of gratification.  This must be worked on.  Being in a relationship can bring a great deal of joy.  Yet, may have its drawbacks as well.

People who, seemingly, have it all may be fooling the outside world.  Filling up time with work as home life may not satisfy.  The need to be content may be replaced by a barren hole.  People have been very shrewd at hiding the unworthiness they feel.

Aimlessly moving from one day to the next.  Recreating the same humdrum routines, without ever allowing the freedom to enjoy life.  This will hang heavy on the best of us.  Constantly, packing needless activities into already busy lives, in order to appear to be living an affluent existence, is more likely to result in nervous exhaustion.  It will leave one with a sense of lacking as large as the Grand Canyon.

The only way to combat this hollowness is to discover that which provides the most pleasure.  We all possess features which are filled with meaning and if allowed to stagnate and lie idle insignificance is sure to follow.  Efforts must be taken to heed these pleasurable pursuits.  

After all, the only way to feel alive is to participate in activities which gives one joy.  Any heartfelt undertakings will bring a sense of worthwhile purpose.  This is sure to pack value into the aimless meandering that may pervade one’s life.

That, of course, is the solution.  Filling up with value, self-worth and meaningful pursuits will allow one to conquer any empty feelings.  Such selfless acts will bring about a kind of fulfillment that may save one from a futile life.  All it takes is to focus on bringing joy and pleasure to others. That will always pack one with a vital life force rendering emptiness null and void.


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