Reconstructing a life takes work.  There are aspects of everyone’s personalities that can use a bit of tweaking.  Sometimes, we are aware of the faults we possess.  When this is true, altering can be done at a peaceful pace.  The unenlightened may protest the need to change.  This will result in either retaining some bad habits and unattractive traits or denial of the existence of any dysfunction.

The truth is, of course, that we can all use changes on certain levels.  No one is perfect.  That is a staple of being human.  Without any drastic alterations we can live perfectly adequate lives.  With some minor modifications an ordinary life can be transformed into any extraordinary existence.

It can be body image.  It can be a career.  Every area of a human’s life can be improved upon.  Even if incrementally.  Often, that is all it takes.  Tiny details can have profound effects.  In order for these changes to be a positive experience, one has to participate for the right reasons.  We must want the change for ourselves.  Completing the journey to a better you, for the sake of pleasing another, will never result in lasting conversion.

In order to transform our lives each individual must take on the challenge.  This will make them feel, do and be a finer person.  Otherwise, resentment and anger may permeate the one being forced to alter their behaviour.

Visualization and affirmations will help to reach goals.  Stubborn determination can be helpful so long as it is directed in a positive way.  Sometimes, professional help is the only solution.  Do not allow misguided, narrow-minded opinions to discourage aid if it is needed.

Taking an unhappy life and turning it into a wonderful, rich experience is admirable.  People who accomplish such feats aught to be venerated and duplicated.  There is nothing that cannot be turned around and taken to pleasurable heights.

So no matter how lacking or painful things may be, know this, it can change.  You have it in you to transform yourself into the person you want to be.


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