Creating For Its Own Sake

Most people do not consider themselves creative.  There is an image of an artsy-fartsy hippy, slogging away at a canvas that must be disposed of.  This is not the only idea of creativity.  Formulating ideas comes in many forms.  All of which can be chalked down to normal everyday behaviours.  It is rare for the masses to consider alternative ingenuity as being prolific.

Yet, popular opinion says that only those working on art projects can be regarded as imaginative.  Not so.  Any original notions that lead one to the constructing of said item, is in fact a creative endeavour.  That can be anything from working on cars to coming up with improvements for a mundane meal.

Using our brains to enrich life is as old as humans themselves.  It is what we do.  Evolution is the constant thread that runs through the fabric of everyone one of us.  And while it may appear that the sole reason we continue to make headway is for the benefit of the individual, the useful contributions profit everyone.

It is never a mistake to search for progress nor is it an error to invent for its own pleasure.  The very act of doing something in a new way or trying different methods to produce unusual outcomes brings with it gained knowledge.  This, in turn, may lead to all manner of ideas.

We are either moving forward or stagnating.  There is no in between.  If one is not spending their time wisely in the pursuit of a better tomorrow, surely they have stopped growing.  This is not where one wants to be.  Allowing ideas to form and flow is the goal of every dynamic personality.

To keep prospering we have to put forth the effort and develop the traits and characteristics that will shape who we are becoming.  Creating for the sake of it, will be instrumental in achieving a better life.

So, it you have never thought of yourself as innovative, take a closer look.  Chances are, you are more resourceful than you think.  Creativity is in all of us and it pushes us and life forward.


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