Different Is Good

If we could all learn to appreciate and respect the disparities possessed in the world it would be a better place.  As everyone of us is distinct, with no two people being alike, uniting seems an impossibility.  Yet, that is not so.  Most look to connect, on many levels with another.  Friendships are formed daily, weddings are performed continually and treaties between countries are in constant flux, all for the benefit of everyone involved.

While the entire populace varies, there is much about human beings that agree.  And this is what is concentrated on when forming such matches.  Affection for others plays an emornous part in these association.  Fondness for the men and women we come in contact with is essential for the furtherance of peace.

Yet, being different does not have to be a death knell for amalgamation.  It is these very contrasts that can make for a stronger affinity.  Where one’s power lies, may be the shortcomings of another and vice versa.  Together a mighty alliance may be forged.  Each complimenting the other.

Being an individual can be liberating.  Not conforming to another’s idea of how to think and feel is always preferable to towing the line simply for appearances sake.  That does not mean we should give up any rights in order to reinforce some misguided idea about fitting in.

Everyone enjoys being loved and revered.  Compromising principles for the sake of safety will only harm the soul.  Sticking to your tenets and philosophies while rendering one diverse must be protected.  Agreeing to disagree is a very civilized way to venerate the rights of our fellow humans to choose their beliefs.

Tolerance takes a beating sometimes, as it can be looked at as a weakness.  As if one is giving in the people or persons who think and act in a unique way.  Allowing others the right to their opinions does not necessarily mean acceptance of those sentiments.

Focusing on the good that can come from such differences can and will result in less hostilities and more harmony.  The world can always use more of that.  We all can.


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