Spark The Imagination

Inspiration to create comes from a multitude of venues.  All it takes is an idea and one can fly.  Conversely, there are times when one draws a blank and it is a struggle to fill a page, put brush to canvas or words to music.  Whatever the art form there can be dry spells.  The longer it goes on, the harder it may be to return to productivity.

It has been my experience to simply work through these times.  Continue to create despite the fact, the work may be less than stellar.  Sometimes, the quality will suffer.  It can be fixed.  The important thing is to establish the work.

If one is blocked, it is best to remain calm and know that ‘this too shall pass’.  All it takes is for the artist to observe their everyday lives.  There is always a plethora of material at hand.  It is just a matter of converting the ordinary into phenomenal notions for their particular expertise.

Ideas can come from any number of people, places or things.  Another person may relate an anecdote that brings to mind a visual which can be reproduced or a scene that writes itself.  The best and most interesting concepts come from real life.  With a slightly altered view an understanding will resonate and appeal to most everyone.

Not all will appreciate every piece of art.  When there is meaning behind the work, it makes one feel that they are not alone.  It is a powerful thing to be able to reach into strangers souls with a shared experience.

Having sparked the imagination, it can open the floodgates.  One idea leads to another which brings one down a different path that will influence a separate set of insights.  This may end up being instrumental in new and unique developments.

No one knows when something will change the course of a creation.  Be patient and act when revelations present themselves.  In the mean time, continue to generate art.


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