An Artistic Life

Those with an artistic streak move society forward.  They think outside the box and allow the creative part of the brain to roam free.  They may be thought of as weird or strange but the unique way in which they think can find solutions that the greatest analytical minds never will.

Bill Gates is quoted as saying, ‘hire a lazy person to do a difficult job.  They will find an easy way to do it’.  Not that artists are a lazy bunch, they just use an alternative part of the mind that, less creative types, allow to remain stagnant.

Someone who is thought of as logical and ambitious can possess as much inventiveness as anyone else.  We all have that in us.  Yet, it manifests in an entirely distinctive way.  The value remains the same.  Too many times people have been put off exploring the imaginative side of their nature.  It is there to be investigated.  

Being a well rounded person means one must develop any and all interests without the fear of repression.  As the lazy person looks for the easy way, the creative person looks to bring wonder into the lives of those around them.

In a world filled with hatred and intolerance we should be encouraging those who spend their time and energy spreading and formulating beauty.  It is a commendable endeavour.  The fact that attractiveness is subjective and not everyone will agree as to what is aesthetically pleasing, the very effort that is put into this laudable enterprise should be given high praise.

No one is more appreciative of a good review of their work than a struggling artist.  Kind and reassuring words will inspire. The incentive to carry on may be influenced by such actions.  It is far more enjoyable to direct compliments towards those putting themselves on the line than it is to crush one’s spirit.

Everyone is happier with approval than they are with condemnation.  It is the way humans are wired.  With this in mind, find the good in others and chances are they will reciprocate.  Let the artist in you loose.


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