Key To The Heart

We are all on this earth for a reason.  Every single one of us.  We may not believe it or know the rationale behind it, as the minutia of daily life takes over and we end up coasting from one event to the next.  There are stages we all go through.  Childhood, teenage years and adulthood.  Each of these is fraught with learning and growth.  Some are lucky enough to know what they want from an early age.  They spend their entire lives working towards a specific goal.

Then there are people who fall under the category of coming late to the party.  They put off exploring avenues of pleasure for the mundane reality of survival.  Sometimes, yearning inwardly for a better course than the one they are living.  Many have given up on the very things that generate the most pleasure.   Simply because they are not or have not figured out how to earn a living at their particular joy.

It does not always follow that a career is the desired consequence.  Yet, play is continually stifled.  The reasons can be as silly as ‘we have outgrown these childish pursuits’.  There is nothing puerile about a pleasurable interest.  Fun is fun.  Whether involving seemingly child-like games or improving the mind with a good book.  They are all valid ways to spend one’s time.

For those who want a purpose in their lives yet cannot limit themselves to only one specific engagement, it can be especially difficult to choose.  The multitude of options can cloud the way.  These souls may be the least likely to reach an end result as they continually switch paths mid-journey.  To be singularly focused is the finest, sustainable route to success.

Passion is the key to the heart of choices made.  One has to love and be in love with their opted selection.  For the simple reason that when things get tough and one wants to give up or try something else, the all-encompassing fervour will carry them through.  This is when one knows they have found their mission.  When no obstacle is too big to be conquered.  The outcome is always in sight and giving up is not an option.

I wish this for everyone.


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