Limited thinking can destroy one’s potential.  It will eat away at the imagination and restrict ideas for use in artistic ventures.  This can be most distressing and cause blocks.  A horrible fate for any creative type.  It can be just as agonizing to get stuck because of the many choices to be had when undertaking a new piece of work.  It could be a song, a painting, a sculpture or the beginning of any original project.

The way to combat difficultities is to learn how to harness the options and use selective judgements on what and how to proceed.  The path one takes when tackling these obstructions are as varied as there are skilled workers for any craft.

Finding what works for you can be exciting.  To try diverse methods may bring joy or anguish.  As artists, the will to carry on must outweigh all setbacks.  There are times when it seems like nothing works.  Do not give up.  Strive to find the solution that fits best for you.

Sometimes, the very act of availing oneself of a resolution will stimulate the imagination to come up with insights that will feed into the work.  The simple function of living life may bring forth mental activity that will drive growth for one’s vocation.

As artists, these basic trials must, first, be recognized and then used to propel the production forward.  Learning to wield the opportunities to one’s betterment is half the battle.  Struggles can be paralyzing but they may spark an abundance of new and exciting thinking which will awaken inspiration that will catapult one to enormous heights of creavitity.

Gambles and risks might be the only response for rare ingenuity.  Never be afraid to attempt something new.  It may not work.  But without fail novel thoughts will be the result.  In turn, the mind will be pushed to the limit and possibilities will be forced to the forefront.

Then the fun begins.


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