Absent Friends

We have all experienced this in some form or another.  Whether it be the passing of someone close, friends leaving or a beloved pet disappears.  Dealing with the melancholy feeling of too much space which used to be occupied by the other being, who is no longer present, leaves us severely perplexed.

It can be a time of great sadness.  As memories flood the mind and empty the soul of pleasure.  Yet, upon deep reflection there is joy to be found.  Not so much in the present (although that will change) but recalling the good times can bring comfort to an otherwise hurting heart.  Sometimes, all it takes is a cherished keepsake that brings to fore a profusion of exhilarated bliss.

The missing being can leave a large void which may weigh heavy on those left behind.  The good news is, the future will get brighter.  It always does.  Human’s are extremely resilient and have an innate ability to want to be happy.  If only we would get out of our own way.  Being sad has its place as well and only contrasts the need of all beings to find whatever brings them joy again.

The spirit of humankind will always triumph.  It is what the missing loved one would want as well.  As much as one hopes to be irreplaceable, the reality of life is, it goes on.  Everyone deserves their bit of happiness.  It is not something to feel guilty or ashamed of.

We all cope as best we can with life’s trials and tribulations.  Seeking help when needed, or sorting things out on our own.  And while no one wants to be without those who mean something to us, it is not always our choice.  We can opt to react in the most positive way.  That being, to be as kind as we can to others and, just as importantly, to ourselves.

It may be bewildering to wrestle with the reality of absent friends but when it is all said and done, we are better people for having known them.  Here’s to those no longer with us!


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