Brain Storming

There are some people who have an endless reserve of imagination.  They have a unique ability to come up with ideas at the drop of a hat.  It brings to mind the quote by Maya Angelou, ‘You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have’.  So, contrary to what most believe, the skills it takes to bring about exceptional concepts are increased the more one uses the mind for such activity.

This should encourage those who are suffering from the dreaded blocks that can hit any one of us.  All it takes is to put the brain in motion.  Even if the thought process is seemingly unconnected with the desired outcome.  The very act of creating in one area will stimulate all parts of the mind.

Sometimes, it is best to totally turn off the mental capacity, for a while, in order to recharge.  This should be done regularly as it will urge the intellect in promoting considerations of many topics.  A loss of confidence in the ability to form insights will be limited.  Belief in one’s capabilities of such enterprises will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Careful practise of the use of the brain will garner those all important novel ideas.  When done correctly one bright vision leads to another and another.  Not all of them will be gems but that is hardly the point.  Once the floodgates are opened to an endless flow of originality one can pick and choose from the best for the appropriate results.

It is possible to train yourself to saturate the mind with an unlimited amount of concepts.  Allowing for a deluge of healthy suggestions and free flowing, brain storming sessions will attract the mental pictures to continue to inundate the mind.  Never cease thinking.



This is a subject that can be tricky.  Confidence is another’s ability to come through takes a special kind of courage.  It may leave one open to betrayal, disloyalty, and painful chicanery.  And when those things occur it has the potential to destroy another’s soul.  And if the hurt is deep enough, some may never recover.

Luckily, that does not happen often.  Most people are cognizant of how fragile we all are when it comes to the faith we place in someone else.  No one consciously hurts another, if they can help it.  With this being the case, doing our best to keep all promises and expectations are the normal solutions.

If one’s belief in another is rocked, for whatever the reason, can it be repaired?  As I said, the betrayal alone will shut down emotions that may be hard pressed to reappear.  Rebuilding that certainty could take a long time to regain.  That is not to say it cannot be done.  With much work, plenty of love and understanding, it can be restored.

It is best for all concerned, if that assuredness is not broken in the first place.  Being open and honest will never devastate another.  When the trust is shattered between two or more persons there is such a loss on multiple levels.  It may seem as if the only thing that is misplaced is a conviction that the other person has failed to uphold but it can and does go much deeper than that.  

Questions arise about how misunderstandings occurred and where it all went wrong.  Second guessing oneself is bound to follow such events for the simple reason that someone else has made a fool of you.  This is never a good place to be.  It happens.  At some time, we have all put our reliance upon someone or something only to be greatly disappointed.  

It is better to put that trust in another and possibly get hurt than it is to shut off and never allow a faithful friend the opportunity to step up and do the right thing.

It may sting at times but success will follow the few who can be counted on.

Laugh At Yourself

The ability to find humour in unique views is becoming more and more rare.  We all have quirky practises and notions that are, to say the least, not in the realm of normal.  It is nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, because all of us have such perculiar traits the reasons to chuckle at them is tenfold.

Unfortunately, popular opinions demand we all be the same and uniqueness is frowned upon.  Tow the line and be like everyone else is encouraged.  I say, ‘stuff that!’  We should take pride in our differences.  And the more silly we are as individuals the greater the admiration should be applauded.  So what if the world thinks one way and you have the total opposite view.  It can be quite comical.

Everyday life has become far too serious.  Yes, a lot of bad crap happens in the world and we have the choice whether to be paralyzed by that reality or seek out the funny side.  There is always another, more humorous, way to see things.  So your parent has dementia (an awful disease) and randomly removes all of their clothing.  Not a sight anyone wants to see, I might add.  But in the scheme of things wrinkles and gravity pulling appendages south can be morbidly funny especially when visitors are expected at any moment.

Now, not everyone shares a sense of humour and that is as it should be.  When that connection is made between two or more people it can lead to joy on a number of levels which in turn makes everything more pleasurable.

To see the foolishness in others is easy.  Finding it in ourselves can get lost in our attempts to project a staid demeanour.  Wanting to be taken seriously overrides the light and airy atmosphere that funny situations will, inevitably, present.  Personally, I find it difficult not to point out ridiculousness whether from others or myself.

Being too solemn will only cause stress and strain which can cause all kinds of health hazards.  Set yourself free and find the humour in your own quirks.  Laugh at yourself and the world will be a better place all around.

Small Acts Of Kindness

Dedicated to my Lord and the Duchess (Wrote this a week ago)

Grand gestures are all well and good.  After all who does not appreciate being made a fuss over?  Yet, by their very nature they can only be performed on special occasions.  The tiny deeds that one is subjected to daily are far more significant.  It is these generous offerings that can brighten an otherwise dreary day.

It does not take much effort to be magnanimous towards our fellow workers, friends or human beings in general.  Politeness and consideration will always be respected.  These offerings will, in turn, project outwards.  Soon everyone will be rushing to outdo each other by bestowing grace and good-natured feats.

Showing compassion for the struggles of others will win one many friends.  We all battle hidden discord; within ourselves and towards others.  When another person shows sympathetic understanding, it eliminates some of the issues.  The very act of kindness will warm the heart of the harshest skeptism.  This is especially true when there is no presumption of reciprocation.

True, honest, thoughtful friendship will be met with suspicion these days.  Popular opinion being, one does not do anything for another without expecting their pound of flesh.  I can assure you, there are still people in this world who will happily give aid to others and do so for the sheer love of giving.

Some of you, may be thinking ‘suckers’ but I will have you know that unconditional submission tends to win over more and better people whose lives one touches.  A great deal of joy comes from delivering the kind acts.  Showing another empathy raises our own levels of benevolence thereby rendering our hearts full of love.

If one gets the chance to participate in random acts of kindness, please for your own peace of mind, take part.  Seeing the smiles on those you are helping will fill you with a warm glow.  Everyone can use such tenderhearted affection towards our fellow humans.

What Others Think

This is something we all must learn to maneuver through.  From an early age we are judged.  Be it by our parents, medical professionals or teachers.  It is possible to be bombarded by the opinions of a plethora of family, friends and even strangers.  Such is life.  Coping with these outward views often shapes who we become as individuals.  Roles can be thrust upon us that we may not relish yet end up performing like actors in a play.

The lucky few who rebel against these labels are often thought of as unusual or peculiar.  Simply because they have decided to form their own notions about what is right for them.  It should never be met with disapproval.  If anything, these brave souls must be admired.

Being categorized into a particular box and not allowing anyone to break free from the conformity will stifle the spirit of a single being.  No one wants that; not for themselves nor for their loved ones.  We should all have the freedom to choose the life that best suits us.

Yet, those very choices can be influenced by the perceptions that others have charged us with.  Many times, it serves another to keep one within the confines of those descriptions.  Being earmarked as, whatever label may be given, is difficult to break away from.  It takes a great deal of bravery to throw off the designations and free yourself for a better life.

Sometimes, the impressions one is tagged with are totally untrue.  Yet, because of peer pressure and/or a weak disposition they are taken on board and a long life of sheer hell has begun.  These are the people who need to be fortified with the strength to stand up for themselves.

We can all be provoked by the evaluations of our associates into an existence of lesser value but there will come a time when what other people think of us has no bearing on who we truly are.

This is when knowing our purpose comes to the forefront.  Happiness will not be far behind.  Step up and ignore the views of everyone except what your heart is guiding you towards.  It will never let you down.

For Manchester

‘Love everything you can.  Love everyone you can.  Focus on things you love and you will experience that love coming back to you multiplied.’

Ironically, I had earmarked today’s blog to be about love.  After the horrific events in the UK it is highly appropriate to share it.  Now, I could rant and rave about the senseless murders and destruction of the many people in Manchester but all sane people understand and are appalled by the actions of those few degenerates who are bent on evil.

Not having seen the news (at the time of wiring this blog) I care not who perpetuated the vile actions.  Mark my words, it is the beginning of the end for them.  They are, obviously, scraping the bottom of the barrel in their recruits, if child murderers are their choice to further their cause .  Even the most ardent fanatic will now see them for what they are and turn away from the wickedness they stand for.

The fools have shot themselves in the foot. (Pity they did not aim a bit higher). Needless to say, there will probably be other attacks but for the most part whoever was behind the mass killing of these children are done.  Stick a fork in them.  There are very few people in this world willing to harm the young.  Even the craziest of the crazies have more sense.

So well done terrorists, you have taught us all that love is the better way.  Most of the world will be pouring that affection towards the people who lost loved ones and those who were hurt.  Chances are, you and your objectives will be forgotten before they ever will be.

Just a reminder; always lead with your hearts, never take the time you have, with each other, for granted.  Express your feelings freely, you may not get another opportunity.

Love always.

Comfort Zone

In order to grow, as individuals, we must step outside our comfort zone.  Understanding that fact does not make the effort it takes any easier.  There is nothing more scary than having to face fears or conquer apprehensions.  Yet, for dreams to come to fruition there will always be some endeavour fraught with trepidation that must be surmounted.

For every goal that has been set, there are numerous actions one must accomplish.  This, in turn, will lead to the next hurdle and the next until the end result is reached.  Every step along the way builds on the previous one.  And with each completed phase an inner strength compounds, adding muscle on muscle.  Confidence in one’s ability grows exponentially and soon the old terrors are nothing more than minor annoyances.

Every degree of difficulty that is surpassed sends a message of assurance to the brain that the final outcome is possible.  Taking time to become relaxed with each development should never be rushed.  It will take as long as it takes.  Everyone has their own pace for sustainable ease.  Some aspects may be effortlessly navigated as one’s natural abilities take over.  We all have different areas of strengths.

Please, never be discouraged when struggling through a particularly demanding period.  None of us is perfect and all we can do is our best.  It is never a failure so long as knowledge has been gained.

The mettle it takes to push ahead when the mind is screaming to turn and run, has to be honoured.  Giving up can be so easy when afraid.  This, at all costs, has to be triumphed over.  To allow our panicked foreboding free range will stunt any personal growth.  There will be no advancement if this occurs.

In this life, we either expand or deteriorate, there is no room for consistent idleness.  No one desires to wither and die while still breathing.  That only leaves forging ahead.

Take a walk on the wild side and step out of your comfort zone.  You will not regret the improvements it brings about.