Beauty Within

This subject was brought to my attention through a social media incident where a person changed their profile photo because of negative comments about their looks.  Now, some people’s first reaction may be anger and (possibly) rightly so. The solution I opted for was to send them a message to make them feel good about themselves.

It got me thinking though.  What type of person deliberately attempts to make others feel bad?  As I wrote to this person ‘we are all different and that is what makes life interesting’ I find these purveyors of negativity just as fascinating.  They, obviously, do not or can not respect themselves and there is no self-love available to them.  Living the torture of self-hate comes out in all ways.  That must be hell to endure.

In turn, I almost wish I knew who they were to offer them a bit of self-respect.  And let them know, while their opinions do not need to be shared, they are entitled to them.  

Beauty is only skin deep.  It’s real power comes from within.  If someone else can not see it or find that trait in another, it is okay.  I dare say, the person being judged on their outward appearance, does not find anything remotely attractive about the others.

It is much the same when viewing a piece of art work.  While one person absolutely loves a particular painting, another thinks it is a piece of crap.  Someone loves a song on the radio and another switches stations when it comes on.  It is all subjective.

The error is in spreading the wicked opinions.  Negativity begets negativity.  I am absolutely sure these people are in constant wonder as to why so many people are down on them.  These poor souls need as much, or more, love flowing into them.  But would they notice or appreciate it?  Probably not.

In order, not to be like them, wish them well and walk away.  And hope they find the good grace to change their ways.  For their own sakes, as well as everyone else.


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