Be Yourself

A good portion of our lives is spent trying to impress others.  It starts with parents, siblings and various family members.  This can manifest by being the helpful one, the funny one or the trouble maker.  Over time a role is settled on within the family unit and the part is played to perfection.

Once schooling commences, the next portrayal is undertaken.  Labels can be handed out as the smart one, the social one or the trouble maker.  The many teachers one endures over the years can either help or hinder development both as students and individuals.  The evolution of progress will have its ups and downs and the environmental influences contribute to the person one ends up being.

So when exactly does a man or woman become who they are meant to be?  Decades can be spent never knowing the answer.  Most do not even think about the question.  One simply exists.  There is no inner work and life is shaped by everything else around.  There is no conscious effort to choose.  This can lead to never having the ideal life.

It is always best to be a part of the decision making and not allow others to dictate the outcome.  This will only lead to dissatisfaction.  An individual’s future cannot be based on the ideas of others.  No matter how well meaning.

What it comes down to is self-determination.  Yes, while younger control is given up and the concepts of others are ingrained.  This does not mean their beliefs have to be taken on.  It may be difficult to switch simply because of an unawareness that the notions are embedded.  The younger the exposure to these tenets, the less likely will the veracity of them be questioned.

There comes a time to resolve who we are despite all the outside provocation.  Taking everything into account, including all gained knowledge, a destiny will be determined.  For better or worse, the choice to be ourselves is ours and ours alone.


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