Face The Truth

Every time the truth is faced there is a calming effect.  Being one of those people who will not gloss over or misrepresent facts in the hopes of making one appear in a better light, I am constantly seeking the true meanings behind people, places and things.

There are some people who never want to acknowledge the facts and will spin their role in all situations so that they come out the hero.  To concoct falsehoods for the sake of saving face never bodes well.  There is something inside all of us that knows when we are lying; even to ourselves.  When this occurs, you can be sure that there will be a sabotaging of inner peace because of the deceptions we make.  It eats away at the soul.  Leaving those engaging in such activities sad individuals.

And these people believe they are getting away with something.  Simply because one is not caught in the fiction right away.  They will mistakenly assume the story told has been accepted as evident.  Another fallacy.

Peeling away the layers of truth helps one to find the core of their very essence.  This can be as frightening as it is enlightening.  Accepting of the good, bad and ugly may be a tough mountain to climb, as who wants to think they are dishonourable?  We should be prudent enough to dwell in the knowledge that none of this makes us bad people.  That, in itself, can be a revelation.

It can take years to whittle down to the raw material that is one’s beliefs.  The closer we get to our authentic substance, the less one is shamed into hiding honest feelings.  Facing the truth will always have a positive result and accepting whatever that truth is will bring about an uncomplicated interior which manifests in an outer serenity as well.

Being trustworthy with others is valuable but having faith in yourself is astronomically constructive.  Do all you can to find the real you.  It is in there and it is good.


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